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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. White Lies is my least favourite on the album. I never understood why people thought it should have been a single?!
    Although, I do rather enjoy the majority of On Your Radar.
  2. I like 'White Lies' but I did have a bit of a kii when literally all the Popjustice members, their sisters, their moms, and their dogs, praised the shit out of 'White Lies', saying "it should be a single" only for the girls to basically pretend it never existed while on tour, dddddd.
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  3. Can we all agree that Chasing Lights was a pretty phenomenal debut album from any band (boy/girl/mixed)?

    I still return to that album!
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  4. It was an amazing debut album, but the production left to be desired on a lot of songs, especially in the second half.

    'Fall' literally sound like phone recording of a live performance.
  5. I’m quite fond of White Lies; it’s a cute little bop. Pure pop bar the middle 8. I’m actually kind of surprised they didn’t perform it considering Falk and Yacoub produced it. They aren’t nobodys. Though I’m sure performing would mean paying them which, after the album bombing, they couldn’t afford.
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  6. She did!

    I can't find it anymore, though.
  7. Didn't she say it during the track by track?
  8. Yes, but I can't seem to find it on YouTube?

    Was it a flip video?

    I can't remember. I just have a vivid memory of Frankie talking about one of the ballads on the album, ddd.
  9. It wasn't a flip. If I recall, it was an actual video of them split into two groups where they discussed each track while promoting the album. I remember Frankie saying that Last Call is her favorite song that they've recorded and Mollie praising Vanessa's and Rochelle's emotional delivery in My Heart Takes Over.
  10. Quite a few missed singles opportunities from them;

    Lose Control
    Get Ready, Get Set
    Leave a Light On
    Lease My Love
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  11. Yes if eras could be rewritten, Get Ready Get Set could have been a lead single.
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  12. Get Ready Get Set and Leave A Light On are both awful single choices.
  13. 'Get Ready, Get Set' is so i'm-so-used-to-giving-now-I-get-to-received.gif

    One of their best songs ever.
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  14. Oh yes, the album review I was never able to see due to geographic blocking. Ugh.
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  15. I can't understand how anyone wouldn't like On Your Radar. It's so slick. Chasing Lights and On Your Radar are fantastic pop albums all the way through. Their last sound progression with the greatest hits tracks show they were heading in the right direction.
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  16. Chasing Lights will always be my fav album of them!
    And Wordshaker will always be, eeeeerm, a point of discussion.
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