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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. I've always loved that they managed to somehow bring life Into If This Is Love with such harmonies even though it's the danciest they've ever performed it. That middle-8 where all the instruments drop and you hear just them and the percussion is gorgeous.
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  2. It's been said 1000 times but I'm so so sad we didn't get a solo Rochelle single or EP/album. I feel like when Vanessa was loosing her voice a little, Rochelle really came through and shined and became the lead nearer the end. She would have did well with support from Sats fans and JLS fans.

    Shame we didn't get the Greatest Hits tour or All Fired Up tour DVD. Anyone know what happened to that?
  3. I'm guessing the All Fired Up DVD was shelved when On Your Radar wasn't a platinum success as expected.

    It's a shame some TV channel didn't just broadcast that tour. It's the live companion to the best album they put out and I sincerely hope the footage one day leaks.
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  4. TMI


    They spent money on filming and editing it. Such a shame they didn't at least broadcast it whatsoever.
  5. The only Saturdays song I play DAILY
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  6. This is a forgotten gem. Definitely another missed opportunity.

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  7. I only use the sped up version.
  8. They have so many missed singles it's so sad (Lose Control, One Shot, White Lies, Faster, Last Call, Leave a Light On)
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  9. Chasing Lights is a cute track
  10. Personally I am still so ever in love with 'Last Call'.

    Definitely one of their best ballad.

  11. The missed Xmas single.

  12. That's another shining moment taken from this tour in my opinion. I really wish we'd had the DVD. I used to watch this tour daily for almost 2 years, the opening sequel (from Notorious to Get Ready Get Set) is beyond amazing.
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  13. God they were fantastic! To me all 5 of them are breathtaking beautiful!
  14. One Shot is the ultimate missed opportunity in music history. More so than You Are or Never Give Up On The Good Times.
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  15. Workshaker was a perfectly decent album. They just released things at strange times and made odd choices.

    White Lies remains the anthem that never was, though it was probably 10 years too late. In 1999 it would've done the usual debut-at-number-one-and-be-number-seven-the-next-week thing.
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  16. White Lies didn't really age very well for me.
  17. White Lies wasn't good in 2011 and is worse now.
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