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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Agreed. Their second best single for sure.
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  2. Why do they look like a perfect R&B girlband?
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  3. Haha I actually thought the same.

    If their voices are anything like hers I'd be so up for it looooove Rochelles vox.
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  4. Agreed! I love Rochelles voice and I'm kinda bitter she never did anything solo, she would kill a slow jam.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. I wonder if little differences in The Saturdays release strategy would've made big differences to their success? I think Forever Is Over should've been followed by One Shot before the release of Wordshaker, with Ego still being the post-album release single as it proved it could be a decent sized hit after the album anyway. Wordshaker should've had the original logo on the cover too. Notorious should never have been on-air on-sale, I know that was the new thing record companies were trying to do at the time but for a fanbase act like The Saturdays build-up was still important, could've been a much bigger hit without it in my opinion.

    I also remember people saying that The Saturdays were trying to break America but instead broke the UK when What About Us went to number one with over 100k first week sales, it felt like they were finally going to be the big girl band we always wanted them to be, then they followed with Gentleman instead of Disco Love, one step forward two steps back. I think when Gentleman came out they lost the usual Radio 1 support too, suddenly they only got as high as b-list.

    What Are You Waiting For was naff too, I think fans in the beginning were all for a Xenomania track but by the time it came out it was boring and outdated. It didn't work for Something New so why would it work for The Saturdays two years later?

    Still, at least we got a really good Greatest Hits out of them at the end of it. I still feel One Shot deserves a place on there just for being their best song, to me anyway. They could never have chart success again if they reformed, kids won't stream them, they barely sold albums anyway and struggled to sell out arenas. I would love to be wrong.
  7. Chasing Lights is a near-perfect pop album. They had plenty of great songs on their other albums but I kind of wish they'd stuck more with that sort of sound.
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  8. Up single Mix being absent is what stopped it being perfect in my eyes but really what an album still remember listening to it, Girls Aloud Out Of Control and Sugababes Catfights & Spotlights on repeat. A great time for girl bands.
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  9. Out of all their singles, I feel like All Fired Up underperforming was the most bizarre.

    Like, it had fairly decent airplay and TV promo and was very on trend and had a decent debut week then just collapsed afterwards. I could understand the likes of Missing You and Forever Is Over doing this as they split opinion and were terrible choices as lead singles, but All Fired Up?
  10. The greatest "wtf" moment of The Saturdays career was that "Higher" didn't become one of the biggest selling girl band song of all time. And why was it not number one for weeks? It's utter brilliant.
  11. Scraping into the top 10 by like 14 copies or something.
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  12. All Fired Up should have been a #1 single and to this day, I'm still stunned it wasn't.
  13. I don’t think All Fired Up is that great. It’s loud & fun but it kind of drags a little and takes forever to end.
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  14. It was kept off #1 by Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5, Xtina, #2 that week) and All About Tonight (Pixie Lott, #that week) ddddd
    Tough competition
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  15. Will ~never~ understand the dislike of All Fired Up. Such an immense track.

    All About Tonight
    is garbage. I can understand why they would have a tough time competing with Moves Like Jagger.
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  16. It's... 7 lines repeated over a dance track. I feel like it was the end of the Xenomania magic too.
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  17. Don't worry there are like 3 members at best who don't consider it a 10/10.

    Edit: oprah_told_you_so.gif
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  18. I don't like to disappoint.
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  19. All Fired Up is a masterpiece! UNESCO world heritage, if sent to space on the SETI, the Aliens would’ve come ASAP to earth to bop.

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  20. A decade on and I still can’t believe their label chose Forever is Over & Missing You as lead singles over Ego & Higher. I just don’t get it?
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