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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Ego
    All Fired Up
    Wildfire - was a single chez moi
    Missing Bop
    What About Us
    Not Giving Up

    The rest
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  2. 1. Up
    2. My Heart Takes Over
    - One Shot
    3. Missing You
    4. Higher
    5. If This Is Love
    6. Ego
    7. Notorious
    8. Work
    9. Not Giving Up
    10. Issues
    - Here Standing
    12. Disco Love
    13. Forever Is Over
    14. Just Can't Get Enough
    15. All Fired Up
    16. What Are You Waiting For
    17. 30 Days
    18. What About Us

  3. I rather like it too, I just wish Frankie, Mollie and Una actually sang on it/were audible over Ms. Wroldsen nn
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  4. My Heart Takes Over deserved to do way better than it did. It's a gorgeous song.
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  5. On Your Radar was my favourite album of theirs.

    White Lies, Get Ready Get Set, I Say OK, Faster... so boptastic.
  6. Every single one of those songs is in my bottom 10 of theirs.
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  7. Ego has passed 10 million plays on Spotify!
  8. Bogus.
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  9. Dare I say that right now, I prefer their singles to Girls Aloud who I always stanned more ddd
  10. I get it in the sense that the covers GA released, in retrospect, ruin their singles discography.

    Plus, when you see how amazing GA albums were and you see what they chose to release as singles, it does make their singles run a little bit disappointing (Chemistry and Tangled Up* eras mainly).

    *Actually, my only issue with TU era is the fact they should have released at least 2 more singles from it as I love the 3 we got.
  11. The Saturdays' bops are bops whatever the weather, as in, I can listen to them at any time and enjoy them. Whereas, for me, Girls Aloud released some of the best pop music ever but I'm not always in the mood to listen to them when they come on shuffle.
  12. I fought this same feeling for a long time, but The Saturdays > Girls Aloud in my books now. 100%.
  13. Pretty much this. I remember the fallout when GA announced See the Day and then Whole Lotta History as singles. "Two consecutive ballads!!!1!!1" etc. Many a great album track was squandered.
  14. Apparently See The Day was the start of them getting decent radio play so I guess it served a purpose.
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  15. I was never a huge fan so didn't faze me at all. And it was a cover and (maybe) on a movie soundtrack at the time, right?
  16. I don't think so. Long Hot Summer was supposed to be for the soundtrack to 'Herbie: Fully Loaded' but that didn't end up happening.
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  17. It was just a cover and released in the hype of the race for Christmas number one, which I assume why it was rush released just three/four weeks after the release of "Biology".
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  18. Come to think of it, Biology and Whole Lotta History are the only singles from Chemistry I legit liked. The other two were so-so but they had better stuff in the wings.

    So, yes, I think The Saturdays were better at picking singles. One Shot should've gotten it's one shot though.
  19. This is exactly how I feel too, love both groups but with Girls Aloud I need to be in the right mood to listen to them nowadays, in fact I can't remember the last time I listened to them out of choice, The Sat's on the other hand I often add to my home made playlists still to this day. I'm not sure anyone would agree with this but I feel All Fired Up just gets better and better with age. It still goes off for me, especially the Alias Remix!
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  20. I love My Heart Takes Over but my favourite thing about is seeing them all looking completely miserable in the video.
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