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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. I've never tired of Mollie's reaction to the confetti cannons, and Rochelle nearly peeing with laughter.

    What a group.
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  2. Why is Flo Rida so loud at the start of Higher? Or is it just my ears breaking down?
  3. I hate myself for writing this but I heard Body Language by Heidi Montag for the first time (after hearing praise for her trash bops) and I thought “I’ve heard that synth before...” If This Is Love! But wasn’t that a sample from another song as well?
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  4. Una has created a Spotify playlist with her complete collection of solo songs and most interestingly, the Saturdays songs that she has writing credits on, which is mostly b-sides and tracks from On Your Radar and Living for the Weekend.
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  5. Can't believe they did nothing for their 10 year anniversary. Sigh.
  6. Yes, Yazoo's Situation.

    Vince Clarke from Yazoo later remixed Issues.
  7. Does anyone know what their last performance was? I'm thinking it was maybe the taped performances for Una's Dream Ticket at the end of 2014? In which case this was probably their last one...

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  8. Every playlist that includes Get Ready Get Set is a worthy playlist. A Song.
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  9. No, it was their performance at Radio City Live on December 11. The Una's Dream Ticket episodes aired in December but were filmed in October.
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  10. It has 3 followers so far.....
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  11. Just stumbled upon Keep Her and ended up listening to Chasing Lights in full. What an album. 'Fall' still sounds amazing.
  12. Fall is one my favourites to this day. Vanessa’s adlibs kill me
  13. Why would they? They’re not an active band and the general public don’t care enough to see them celebrate that anniversary.
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  14. Well their 40 remaining recipients of their mailer (if they still did those) would like to see it.
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  15. I'd like to report that this earlier this month I actually did NOT receive my annual birthday e-mail for the first time, and I'm kind of sad.
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  16. I didn’t get one last year. Somehow I got 3 of them this year. Looks like Vanessa’s getting sloppy.
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  17. I got one. I can send you their logo and generic Fascination birthday message if you want. It's very convincing.

    Honestly- they would've kept turning out great pop music.
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  18. For a moment, I almost said yes.
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  19. I bet a one off performance at G-A-Y would go down a storm.

    Make it happen ladies!
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  20. I've just noticed that Finest Selection has been moved to the new Compilations section in their Spotify profile.
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