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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Me watching the UK from afar while one of their worst singles becomes their only #1.
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  3. Me reading this awful post. Seanda Paul did what she needed to do.
  4. Forever Is Over should've stayed with Kelly Clarkson. Whoever thought it was a good idea to make the chorus in the studio version just Vanessa probably regretted it when they started doing it live.
    We're on The Saturdays thread. There's no high ground here.
  5. I don’t know how that was taken sideways considering the amount of posts before mine that literally said it was a “shit song”.
  6. They had some amazing non-singles too: Fall, Chasing Lights, Wordshaker, Not Good Enough (though it got a little shouty), Karma, Puppet, Died in Your Eyes, One Shot, 95% of On Your Radar.
  7. The best part of this was the rumours after that the other girls were going to kick Frankie out because she couldn't sing.
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  8. I still don't really understand the overuse of autotune on Missing You and especially Higher. I understand if it's a stylistic choice, but it just doesn't really fit either of those two songs. It might've worked for Missing You if they fully committed and ramped the dial up to 100%, but Higher suffers because of it's production.
  9. Yes I remember the rumours they wanted to get rid of her after the Wordshaker era but management refused as she was the most popular one at the time.

    Wonder if it was true? That look was certainly frosty.
  10. It was probably nothing.
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  11. I think the look was. Oh my god the wind in my face will ruin my lip sync face.

    I used to hate the smug face Rochelle used to do when lip syncing.
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  12. Honestly the look Rochelle gave just seemed like she was taken aback a bit by Frankie’s vocal. Not like she wanted to kill her.
  13. Taken aback by the pre-recorded track?

    Rochelle’s face was... Rochelle’s face. The debate over it 9 years ago amazed me and it’s still amazing me now.
  14. The fact that we are talking about Rochelle’s face (in a milisecond) during a perfomance on T4 On The Beach - 9 years ago is priceless.
  15. One of my favourite moments will always be:
  16. It's not like we have anything else to talk about anymore in regards to this group haha.

    Like Sugababes the well has run dry.
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  17. The best line in that has to be;
    Rochelle ‘I thought he was coming back for some Katsu Curry!’
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  18. ‘What’s the other song we do?’
    Oh Mollie.
  19. I still think it was more about Rochelle doing her usual ‘sassy & sexy’ pose.
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  20. TMI


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