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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. To be honest they were visibly done with being a part of the group at that point and I guess Aaron’s input reflected that.
  2. From an interview Ina Wroldsen has done today.
    Least favourite track you have wrote?
    I’ve done so many songs I don’t think have aged well! One I always think of is Higher by The Saturdays. The opening lyric - “I’m doing nothing, ‘cause then at least I’m doing nothing wrong” - makes no sense and the song is just like, what? It’s fun to listen to the old stuff and see the progression. I miss some of the naivety I used to have.
  3. I actually thought that line was clever back in 2010. I don’t think much of the line now, but I don’t see how it “doesn’t make sense” though.
  4. it became more about them each having a back up dancer and them having all the choreo.
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  5. Wasn't she responsible for Not Good Enough and "my eye's doesn't want to look at you?"
  6. It’s probably the line that makes the most sense out of the song ddddd????

    I would love to hear what she has to say about some of the lines in Frankie and Rochelle’s verses instead...
  7. “I’m doing nothing ‘cause then at least I’m doing nothing wrong” makes perfect sense as a sentence ddd. The rest of the song is basically sentences that make sense on their own, but none as a cohesive nn.
    fff that always pissed me off because it was so easy to correct. Did nobody go 'Hold up, this makes no sense can we just fix it quick?"
  8. I just listened to Wordshaker & One Shot for the first time in years. Up there with their best, such a criminally overlooked & underrated album which had so many potential singles.
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  9. “I got the pieces of the heart you broke and I’m gonna throw them at your karma” is another terrible line.
  10. Not forgetting “I hope you choke on some really hot coffee” which is in the same song!
  11. I have always consistently been embarrassed by Karma. Even when I was all alone listening to the song. Just thinking of the opening lines is already making me cringe.
  12. Agreed.

    Puppet on the other hand was a cute little bop.
  13. How do we go about cancelling her?
  14. I have genuinely always hated “Karma” because the lines were so stupid but then the official forum had people calling it the best song on the mini album and kept asking for it to be a single. Fucking YIKES.
  15. Karma is an absolute racket. An attempt at replicating Ego that, to be fair, at the time, seemed like it had a better chance of doing something than anything else on Headlines. They were absolutely right to move on, though.
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  16. The "I'm doing nothing" line is clearly the best part of the song!

    That said, I can see why she might think the song hasn't aged well. (As much as I love it personally.)
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  17. I raise you "White lies turns to black lies and I lose." Incorrect verb conjugation was kind of a hallmark of The Saturdays' sound.
  18. Rochelle on Hit List, the show she hosts with Marvin, just mentioned that The Saturdays almost had a different name before they ended up with The Saturdays. She said "it's a long story".

    The original name?
    Girls Can't Catch.
  19. I thought this was known as they took the piss and said it was a bit naff. Then the label used it for another group.
  20. Yeah they said this in an early interview with Digital Spy and then 18 months later the other group appeared.
    Una mentioned it on a podcast she did a few months back and said that the name was used for another group and added “they didn’t catch on, get it?”
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