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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Mollie King fan account has the potential to get 9 tracks from her album. Sounds very dodgy, but part of me would be so interested to hear these songs...!
  2. It’s been deleted by the look of it.
    Didn’t she say the majority of it was Xenomania? I doubt they’ll be the Xenomania tracks though. She’s got a lot of demos.
  3. TMI


    The tweet has been deleted ?

    EDIT : didn't see your message, Jackooh.
  4. It’s not wise the plaster it all over Twitter before you’ve got them. I wonder if Mollie would be bothered if they leaked.
  5. Why was the Hair Down video taken... down?
  6. That tweet was very quickly deleted. Whatever it said.
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  7. Wasn't sure if this was gonna be of the whole performance.
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  8. That was a fucking moment. I think this is my favourite single by them.
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  9. I still revisit this performance occasionally. Such a time to be a fan!
  10. TMI


  11. I need that account to get those Mollie tracks, especially 'Good Girl'.
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  12. I feel like that Live MTV Session on the reissued single should have stayed unreleased.
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  13. Are we going to get reissues of cancelled singles?
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  14. I would sincerely doubt it. So far there’s been nothing that a massive fan wouldn’t already have so I wouldn’t expect any Here Standing/One Shot remixes.
  15. It's been off streaming for a long time too. Very bizarre.
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  16. I don't think this was unreleased. It was on something previously. The radio edits of the remixes I think are the only unreleased ones.
  17. Happy Saturday!

    The final Rochelle’s adlibs are giving me life.
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  18. Such a bop. This is how you end an album.
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