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The Saturdays - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. We might get them as B-sides. I mean, we did get the Saturdays-only version of The Way You Watch Me.
  2. Ooh, I hope the reissue of “30 Days” doesn’t forget this. I’m still surprised they left off the Coin-Operated Boy remix of “If This Is Love” off the reissue.
  3. Yeah but that was released at the time. The Here Standing/One Shot remixes weren’t.

    It’s not an official mix.
  4. The cutmore mixes of Here Standing are everything.
  5. Work had no business flopping as hard as it did. Especially with that stunning (and albeit simple) music video.
  6. I always blamed Jacko
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  7. Keep Her is such a great song.

    Love the angst.
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  8. So good! And one of the only songs with a Frankie ad-lib which I live for.
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  9. Oh yeah she sounds so fierce there.
  10. He only had 5 or 6 songs in the top 20 so even with them removed, they weren’t going to be higher than 16.
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  11. I blame Flo Rida and people's bad taste for their #2s that could've been #1s
  12. I remember following their single releases and a lot of their post album singles suffered from a lack of top 10 exposure on iTunes. They has multiple versions of singles charting in the top 20; Higher and My Heart Takes Over to name two.
  13. Work remains one of their best!

    #16 for a fifth single from a debut girl group album would have been a great result.
  14. The Greatest Hits Megamix is really that bitch isn’t it
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  15. TMI


    I wish it didn’t include the same drum line all the way through the megamix.
  16. I wish it included something from What Are You Waiting For.
  17. I still think they shot themselves in the foot by not releasing “808” as the lead single from Finest Selection. I mean, “Not Giving Up”, the fifth single that was released with little fanfare off their previous album, did better than it.
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