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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. It really did feel like their time was up once Not Giving Up flopped.

    I always found it odd that they finally reached peak success with What About Us and then it was all down hill from there.
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  2. I agree, I also felt that it mirrored the same thing that happened to Eternal, after I Wanna Be The Only One going to #1 it pretty much was it for them, like the Sat's, one more top 5 afterwards then just like that it was pretty much over for them too.
  3. I know it has it's fans but all of the What About Us momentum was completely and utterly destroyed by Gentleman. They were lucky Disco Love charted as high as it did after that.
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  4. If quality reflected chart success. The Saturdays would have had multiple number 1 singles and albums.
  5. All I remember about What Are You Waiting For is that it sounded like I Don't Care by Icona Pop, but that song had been out for years by that point and it seemed like a dead trend. The song was definitely a banger, but it was also a bit dated at that time.
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  6. Just listened to Finest Selection from start to finish.
    Whew. What a listen.
  7. So I took on a little project today. I'm sure some of you have seen me piss and moan about not getting Vanessa's ad-libs on Not Giving Up. So, I isolated the vocals from the Cahill Remix and layered them over the Radio Edit. I made two versions. One uses her vocal over the chorus (with the added yeah, YEAH), but unfortunately it picks up a little background of the remix itself. The second uses her vocal at the beginning, which is isolated. I'm not a sound engineer of any kind but I think they're usable. I'm not sure if sharing would be against forum rules (copyright issues), but would like to if possible/if there's interest. DM me.
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  8. I think as long as there's no download link it's fine? I'm not 100% sure though.
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  9. TMI


    Go ahead ! Would love to hear your work.
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  10. A snippet of an unreleased Mollie track.
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  11. It sounds like I would’ve really liked Mollie’s solo career
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  12. Mollie’s solo career will always baffle me. Why the Back To You campaign was effectively over a week after it was released makes no sense.
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  13. !!!

    Regardless of chart performance, her album would’ve been enjoyable.
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  14. Really like the sound of this. Wish she could've released her album!
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  15. Did Mollie perform either of her two solo singles anywhere?

  16. She did Back To You, but I can only find this little clip.
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  17. Sounds like the similarly named Ariana song.
  18. I actually think they got the majority of their singles right.

    Just Cant Get Enough is the only one of their 18 singles I'm just not that into and it's not even necessarily because it's a cover either. Forever Is Over wasnt the best either but it is a good song.

    Get Ready Get Set and One Shot are the two bangers that got away.
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  19. Yes, how the amazing One Shot got to be on two albums yet never became a single was baffling.
  20. One Shot and Here Standing are the two that jump out at me immediately.
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