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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. My Heart Takes Over was a perfect single - the album just should have been released after All Fired Up.
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  2. Great list. I’d also add “Keep Her”, “Lies”, “Here Standing”, and “Walking Through The Desert”.

    “My Heart Takes Over” would’ve made better sense having the Rokstone remix if they were gonna use it to launch the album.
  3. Where White Lies should be.
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  4. No.
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  5. TMI


    Nice to finally be able to stream the video mix. I like this mix better than the radio one.
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  6. Surprised to see The Saturdays have as many monthly listeners (or even slightly more) than Girls Aloud on Spotify.

    The Saturdays - 1.4m
    Girls Aloud - 1.2m
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  7. I thought it was available to stream before no?
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    Only in the UK I guess.
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  9. TMI


    Does someone remember if the acoustic version of Chasing Lights was part of a single bundle so that we’ll be able to stream it soon in the future ?
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  10. It was on the Wordshaker preorder bundle, I think that was it though.
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  11. Makes sense they wouldn’t include the Wideboys Radio Edit since the Radio Mix is pretty that version with minor alterations.
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  12. TMI


    Yes, the Wideboys remix is (not totally) like the extended radio mix.

    With the reissue of the early singles and bsides, with Work coming on Friday, I have created a playlist with the songs used for their Work Tour. I really enjoyed rediscovering Chasing Lights this way, some of the songs are really good and the inclusion of Wordshaker, One Shot and Beggin’ makes the setlist even better.
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  13. which megamix? Is it an official edit?
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  15. She is doing The Saturdays now.
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  16. TMI


    oh my god. I’m scared.
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  17. I want her to look more into them. The AOL sessions would be such a good video for her.
  18. I was scared too, but she overal really positive. But the video showcases prominently Vanessa, Una and Rochelle. So not enough Mollie and Francesca unfortunately.
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  19. Yeah it’s a shame she didn’t play whole videos. They all have solos in their live lounges, she just cut off too soon. They always save their best vocals for the ends of the songs too so she missed the best parts.
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  20. My heart! (takes over)

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