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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. The version on the promo is 3:05 so someone fucked up.
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  2. I wonder if they will include that shoddy remix of ‘Missing You’ feat. Professor Green in the bundle on Friday. The Steve Smart remix can stay and is a personal favorite.
  3. TMI


    i told them on Twitter but no reaction yet.
  4. TMI


    ah ah I love Una's face!
  5. There was a Professor Green version of Missing You? Is this like the Chipmunk version of Notorious?
  7. Wow that was awful. Glad that wasn't pushed as a remix version or anything.
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  8. If the whole song had that almost garage-y production and tempo I wouldn't have mind the remix that much, but Professor Green's verse is so awkwardly inserted in the song, the switch up doesn't work at all, especially when it ends so abruptly and the song regresses back to its original tempo. It's terrible.
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  9. Guy


    The Saturdays Best TV Performances? Up live from T4 on the Beach? What About Us live from The Voice of Ireland? Hmmm

    She also didn’t clock that only Vanessa was singing the choruses during the greatest hits medley.
  10. I know I'm several days late responding to this but I need someone to use "funky tunes not sad ones" as an album title to be honest.
  11. The Professor Green version of Missing You isn't on the reissued EP, you'll all be glad to know!
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  12. TMI


    Do you have the track list of the Reissued EP ?
  13. Even though I have all of the original singles up to “Notorious” (fuck whoever’s idea it was to make them region exclusive afterwards), I’d love for a physical box set with these tracklists and some rarities.
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  14. A boxset in the style of the Girls Aloud box from a few years back would be incredibly welcomed.
  15. I’ve always enjoyed the Pro Green edit, but then I am absolute trash.

    I can’t remember how many copies they ended up behind in the end to know if throwing it on iTunes would’ve made a difference.
  16. Did they not?
  17. I don’t think so in the end.
  18. I like the Professor Green version of Missing You.
  19. What do people think of the Chipmunk version of Notorious?
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