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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. It’s nice that it got re-homed. I wonder if any other Mollie tracks will pop up with other artists.
  2. Hair Down by Beyoncé
  3. Anyone see Mollie singing this? She co wrote it

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  4. A healthy bit of streaming power. Posted both on their Instagram (feed and Stories) and the Fascination one (Stories only along with the other Fascination acts).

    Only Jessie Ware was significantly ahead of them, and they were neck and neck with All Saints. It's just interesting to see where inactive bands are falling against active ones.
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  5. To the Beat of my Heart has the same chaotic energy of Hair Down but with a slightly smoother delivery. It sounds like what Mollie would’ve released next.
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  6. I was surprised to learn this week that Steps now have two songs written by Saturdays members. This was written by Una:

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  7. Could this be a castoff from the alleged Christmas album that never came to fruition?
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  8. All I want for Christmas is Mollie's version of "To The Beat of My Heart" to leak.
  9. I can really hear her singing it. Well maybe more like her, Una and Frankie.
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  10. I love the vocals in this performance, especially Vanessa's. She sounds amazing.
    I think Fall is up there with one of my favourite Saturdays album tracks.
  11. Frankie made her debut as a Loose Women panellist today.
  12. What is Frankie singing at 2:49? I know she has the ad-lib on the studio track too but it sounds so muffled. "Our love?"
  13. I think it’s just a lengthened ‘Oohh’
  14. TMI


    The Queen caught listening to the Sats.

  15. Mollie has left fascination management. Una is the only remaining Saturdays under the same management as The Saturdays now.
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  16. Surprised that Mollie left! It wouldn’t surprise me if Una leaves too since most of her work is in Ireland now.
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  17. Anyone see Una last night singing I Will Always Love You on the Late Late Show

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  18. Mollies new team
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  19. She's with a team that is more specialised in building careers in broadcast than Fascination. Seems logical given the trajectory of her career and it absolutely seems like the right decision for her. It is sad to see another nail in the music career coffin go in though.
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  20. Fell into a Saturdays YouTube rabbit hole yesterday and got reminded me of how much of a bop Wildfire is.

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