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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

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    Ugh, the summer their greatest hits came out I took a job in the state capital and someone hit my car so I would use it as the soundtrack for my rental-car commute 90 minutes back and forth each day. Such just good memories bound to those amazing bops.
  2. Loved the styling for the greatest hits time period. I like how it was a themed style collage of symbolic things throughout their career and then more individual stuff for the girls like in the tour book or CD insert. An upgrade from the artwork they had with Living For The Weekend.
  3. I honestly forgot the actual Finest Selection artwork and my brain always associated it with this:

    And I was like, why is it considered bad? I love it...

    But then, I remembered.
  4. Rochelle serving up her best America's Next Top Model pose on top of a stepladder is still iconic.
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  5. I loved the art direction for Finest Selection.
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  6. Not Fascination recycling the hand gesture from Higher Ego for the new Steps single.

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  7. Do you mean Ego?
  8. Ugh! You are so correct. I'm a bad fan!
  9. Haha that was the first thing I noticed watching the video. Iconic piece of arm choreo.
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  10. Bank holiday Monday. A few wines. On Your Radar on Alexa. These girls really did it with that album.
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  11. Can anyone help me locate the picture of Rochelle when Missing You got the midweek number 1 please?
  12. 8C45BBDF-4FE9-4676-9EB5-7556CD016D4A.jpeg
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  15. This is random, but...

    What happened to this dog? Mollie still has Alfie. Frankie mentioned on her Instagram Stories last year that at least one her dogs (Pixie) passed away (don't remember what happened to Presley). Not sure what happened with Una's and Rochelle's dogs? And did Vanessa have one?
  16. Vanessa had a Pomeranian (Peaches) that ended up living with her family. She posted photos with the dog yesterday. She also had Maggie with her ex. But I think she was more so his dog (?)
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  17. Guy


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  18. Wild. More evidence this is the Worst timeline. The Saturdays would’ve killed “Into The Blue”, I’m guessing this was while they were gearing up for Finest Selection? Considering the subject matter, what a massively appropriate greatest hits single it would’ve been.

    Kylie should’ve gotten “Crazy Stupid Love” and The Saturdays should’ve gotten “Into The Blue”.
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  19. Into The Blue is one of my fave Kylie songs so a potential Saturdays version of it would be ace.
  20. A crime! At least Kylie did the song justice and the taste to pick it up. I would’ve loved to hear a version by The Saturdays.
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