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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. I screamed watching this interview last night
  2. How anybody during this interview, whether it be the girls, producers, managers or even the behind the scenes execs thought that such a comment was acceptable is beyond belief! Not only insinuating that all women are just identikits of one another, or that they seem to have a lack of identity/personality, the comparisons that they are of the same race is just so tonally wrong. Glad Eamon and Ruth have gone! Good riddance!
  3. Sadly they haven't gone.
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  4. I mean he didn't exactly lie nn
  5. In hindsight that was probably the last time they were on This Morning where the interview wasn’t devoted to husbands and babies.

    A simpler time.
  6. That clip might be uncomfortable, but I'm afraid it's because of their look. I guess at the time they justified it with filming the video in Spain, but it raises many questions.
  7. The only question I have is why Eamon said that at all.
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  8. Very this. It's certainly a very YIKES comment but the fact of the matter is that 2 white girls on her right side are the same skin tone as Rochelle which would 100% be called out if it happened today.

    (This isn't me sticking up for Eamonn by the way because ew!)
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  9. I was checking my top 10 most listened songs... how I miss them.

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  10. 2 am?????
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. 2am and Why Me, Why Now are two of my absolute favorite Saturdays songs and two of my most played as well. Both are so underrated. Amazing taste!
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  13. That's funny, though also a little creepy to get that much into detail of their pregnancies.
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  14. Yeah, like what’s even the point?

    I feel for Rochelle in that clip, doing what a lot of people of color do when shit like this comes our way on live TV and making the most of the shitty situation.
  15. Just did a tally of their Spotify streams.

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  16. Knowing that When Love Takes Over is probably going to surpass Up makes me feel a bit sick.
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  17. Yesss to White Lies being Top 20.
  18. Because everyone knows it should’ve been the Greatest Hits single instead of “What Are You Rotting For?”. Popjustice.
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  19. Damn, they really should've pushed 808 as a single, huh? Too bad everything was already over and done at that point. Imagine an alternate reality in which they'd bagged a Nicki Minaj feature for it.
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