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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. They had Angel Haze on it originally and a remix leaked featuring her.
  2. Wait, I didn't know this! Let me look for it really quick.
  3. That remix was fire. I'm not gonna lie.
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  4. Part of me thinks that if we got 808 as a single instead of What Are We Releasing This For? it would've done well for them and they may have soldiered on a little longer.
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  5. I don't think 808 was necessarily that popular, just that Spotify used to always autoplay it when listening to The Saturdays or other British girlbands.
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  6. This really would have given us the "Saweetie swearing more in 30 seconds than Little Mix have in their entire career" meme 6 years early huh
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  7. I always love our queens of low energy's performances.
  8. Ego being in the Top 3, when it's right it's right.
  9. Forever Is Over and Work, I am so so sorry…
  10. I think if it had been promoted well it could have done pretty decently. I think they if it have done maybe one more album but it seemed like they wanted to move on to different things by then.
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  11. Frankie commenting on this ddd

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  12. I love Hunsnet. This is incredible!
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  13. The Greatest Hits tour setlist was brilliant wasn't it, you could totally tell they had a gay creative team nn
    • Chasing Lights in full for the first time since their first era.
    • 30 Days / Wildfire / Get Ready Get Set / One Shot / Don't Let Me Dance Alone / Missing You being such a good tour medley in terms of giving the fans everything they want.
    • Mollie getting to live her Britney fantasy by mashing up Baby One More Time with Disco Love
    • Performing all of their singles in some form, with only 30 Days and Missing You being relegated to a medley (deserved for 30 Days).
  14. No lies regarding the megamix tho!
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  15. I’m still shocked at how few people enjoy “Forever Is Over”. It’s such a great song and I get the same high I did when I first heard it.
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  16. I'm a Forever Is Over defender!
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  17. I'd make some slight changes but it was a very good show...from what I remember - I got *very* drunk.

    1. "What Are You Waiting For?"
    2. “Higher”
    3. "808"
    4. "Work"
    5. "Forever Is Over"

    6. "Gentleman"
    7. "Just Can't Get Enough"
    8. “Missing You” (Cahill Mix)
    9. “30 Days" / “Flashback” / “Wordshaker” / “Set Me Off” / “Gentleman”
    10. "My Heart Takes Over"

    11. "Disco Love" (with elements of "Stayin' Alive" and "...Baby One More Time")
    12. "Not Giving Up"
    13. “One Shot”
    14. "If This Is Love" (with elements of “Situation”)

    15. "Notorious" (with elements of Tracklacers remix)
    16. “Don’t Let Me Dance Alone”
    17. "Ego"
    18. "Chasing Lights"
    19. "Issues"
    20. “Up”

    21. "All Fired Up"
    22. "What About Us"
  18. Did this remix ever get an official release?
  19. No, it didn't.
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