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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Rochelle is releasing a cook book:

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  2. A cook book from the person who mixed up sugar and salt in Bake Off.

    Love it
  3. Had no idea Finest Selection is certified Gold... Somewhat pop justice!
  4. Finest Selection should have been as big and career reviving as The Sound Of.
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  5. Too bad it was promoted with “What Is The Point Of This?” as it’s single.
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  6. She's always cooking some nice looking dishes. I'm low-key interested.
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  7. Guy


    I think about these tweets all the time.
  8. I was going to say Rochelle is always cooking and it always looks delicious, so actually am looking forward to this.

    And those tweets... I can't believe we were so close to so much more. I could cry.
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  9. It’s a shame album 6 never materialised. I imagine had the greatest hits been a success, they would’ve continued.

    If I’m not mistaken, their last performance was at Radio City Live in Liverpool in the December. When watching their performance back and interviews from the event, it didn’t feel like that would be it? I wonder if they had talks in early 2015 and decided it’s time to venture off?
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  10. I feel like they probably were gearing up to do stuff and then...just didn’t.
  11. I would love to know exactly what their plans were because Una also said that she was playing the girls demos for her solo album on the flight back from the What Are You Waiting For video so it definitely seems like they were planning a break of some sort. Guess we’ll never know.
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  12. Not releasing their only arena tour on DVD was such a poor decision.
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  13. TMI


    Especially when it was professionnally filmed.
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  14. I'll pass.
  15. This seems on brand.
  16. Love Una to death but it’s a pass for me. Good for her though! Hope she snatches a decent chart position.
  17. Frankie posted this on her Instagram stories before, found it quite interesting for her to say Disco Love!

  18. SBK


    Has she misunderstood the question? Has she forgotten Gentlemen exists?
  19. Frankie I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed!
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