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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

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    Even though I disagree (What About Us is a pure bonafide bop), I fucking love this post! Scream!

    The only tracks that should be deleted from the Greatest Hits include ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’, ‘Forever is Over’, ‘Missing You’, ‘Disco Love’ and ‘Gentlemen’.
  2. Frankie is in the recording studio today with a Christmas emoji. Perhaps it's a Christmas song. I'd love it to be something music related.
  3. Nothing should be deleted from their Greatest Hits xo
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  4. I’d delete the artwork. That’s about it.
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  5. In today's 'random YouTube uploads':

    The way the chorus is basically identical to the final studio version ddd
  6. I remember there being a demo labelled as RaVaughn but it's buried away on a hard drive so I haven't heard it for years. I think the vocals sounded a bit different from the above demo but the chorus was the same.

    I also have a feeling this was originally a demo for Brandy. I remember some of the girls (potentially Frankie and Mollie) randomly tweeting about how great Brandy is which must have been around the time they were listening to the demo or recording the song.
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  7. Not sure if it was posted here, but just scrolling through Instagram repost accounts, and Mollie was also in the recording studio in early July. She shared that a plaque of The Saturdays was in the studio she was recording in on her Instagram Stories.

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  8. Maybe they are finally finishing off that 2014 Christmas Album they promised us.
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  9. Rochelle is also away for work at the moment.
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  10. Perhaps Bob Geldof is planning another Band Aid and has recognised that what our dark world needs right now is the return of The Sats in their coloured tights.

    It's probably just a coincidence that they've both been at a studio recently.
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  11. Mollie playing the Greatest Hits Megamix on Radio 1 is peak popstar behaviour. I love her and Una's unashamed stanning of The Sats.
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  12. I'm still a touch annoyed that they didn't manage to fit in Forever Is Over, 30 Days or My Heart Takes Over into the megamix yet Gentleman made it. All they needed was a singular 'forever is over', '30 days to love' and a 'this. is. where. my. heart. takes. o. ver' in there in a break.
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  13. All the years later and I’d never clocked they weren’t in the mix.

    Flop fan.
  14. Work only managing to snatch about 3 seconds in the megamix is a crime.
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  15. What in the Britney Jean. To be honest, they do have some questionable vocals dotted around their discography, especially choruses (aside from the fair amount of Ina vocals). I wonder how much is demo vocals.
  16. It's just cost/time cutting by avoiding re-recording harmonies/backing vocals. A good amount of backing vocals on Dua's Physical are provided by Sarah Hudson for example and all the really high 'SYMPHONYYYYYY's on the Clean Bandit song aren't Zara and neither are the backing vocals. Obviously this isn't quite equivalent to what's happening on Here Standing, but I think that's mainly because you can't get away with it as much with solo artists whereas, with a girl group, you can include other vocals without it being too noticeable to most people as there are multiple voices involved anyway. There's a fair bit of Meghan Trainor on Fifth Harmony's Sledgehammer as she wrote it.
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Charli XCX singing the chorus of Same Old Love teas.
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  18. Christina Milian singing the entire chorus of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Play’.
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  20. We all know the Saturdays didn't do ALL their backing vocals, but all members are always on the track (aside from Disco Love). It's the same with any other band/artist.
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