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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Point taken, but I could name one or two Sats songs that go against this nn
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  2. Do it…name them, I’m intrigued!
  3. Other than Disco Love I would’ve said My Heart Takes Over?

    If we didn’t have the stems I would’ve said Mollie wasn’t on Higher because I always questioned whether that was her on the middle 8 of the album version but she’s on the chorus of the stems.
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  4. Doesn't Frankie do the "Sha sha" of the Sha sha shake me if I'm dreaming in the bridge of Disco Love?

    I know they all do it live but I wasn't sure if that's cause they did the promo without her and just never stopped.

    Like on Faster they all seem to pitch in on her solo bit and I don't think they are there on the album version. But again I don't know if that's just stuck from the Album Chart Show performance they did without her.
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  5. I find it funny that in their early performances of Higher Una lipped along to the “I’m gonna lift it lift it” parts which suddenly became Mollie’s.
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  6. The very first Higher performance Vanessa did the “I’m gonna lift it lift it” bits (which sounded exactly the same as the final version nn) and Una did both of Vanessa's line as well as her own, so clearly it was a last minute change to shuffle the vocal arrangement around.
    Maybe 'not on the track whatsoever' was pushing it (aside from Disco Love and My Heart Takes Over), but if you change it to 'aside from their own solo verse/bridge lines do they contribute' then the list opens up.
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  7. Was the first one when Mollie was absent because of the horsefly incident? Could it be that things were shuffled because of that?
  8. I think that one was maybe the second one? This is one I had in mind:

    That was about 2 weeks before the Haigh Hall gig (the one in episode one of The Sats 24/7 that Mollie missed):

    Clearly by then they'd finalised the track as Vanessa's singing her lines in the bridge and they're just letting Mollie's bits play out.
  9. Ah okay, cool! I for some reason thought that they started those shows off without Mollie and then regained her rather than losing her mid way.
  10. Higher had such a good and cute armography, right?
  11. I still scream that Mollie only missed about 3 gigs in the entire lifespan of The Sats and at least two of them were due to a fly bite. It's just... so Mollie.
    Except that weird fart waft movement. Never understood why they kept that for so long.
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  12. And then in this performance of Higher Una… and then Vanessa…

    Sorry, any excuse to post the iconic one again.
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Drunk Una is almost too iconic!
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  14. Yes. And a lot of the “heys!” And a lot of the cartoonish background vocals.

    I know Rochelle has lower harmonies on My Heart Takes Over and I know there’s high harmonies by Frankie or Mollie but Ina’s shouting really drowns out a lot of the chorus on that. Props to fans for calling Steve Mac out on that too. There’s quite a few tracks where they’re all on it and you can’t distinguish them since Vanessa is usually layered on top, Higher is a great example of that. Not That Kinda Girl has Rochelle omitted from it and I think Move On U has Vanessa absent (the only thing that sounds like her are the adlibs at the end but it sounds more like Rochelle.) Frankie’s gone from Get Ready, Get Set; I’d have to sift through their discography to identify more but I’m sure this forum as a whole could easily get to bottom of it.

    I hate how intricate they would do live harmonies and then you have the producer dialing it all down (or whoever mastered the tracks.) like, for what?
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  15. I watch this at least once a week.
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  16. This is the most frustrating aspect - because it wasn't like they couldn't do all those background and harmony vocals. I know Steve Mac is notorious for leaving the writer / session singer in the track, but he also integrated them terribly nn. They have plenty of other songs with demo singers in them, but they're intergrated enough you can't hear them whilst they still flesh out the song.

    Different topic, but the only other thing I never really understood is why they continously hung Vanessa out to dry when her voice started going instead of rearranging everything so live performances actually went well nn. Like, fair enough her voice was going for whatever reason, but aside from the odd line and ad-lib, they were still making her belt out half their songs and expecting it to go well? They couldn't have re-arranged Forever Is Over and Up after the first few performances?
  17. I'll always appreciate how Frankie heavy Faster is, she truly carries that one.
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  18. The live debut when Frankie was absent and they decided to let Vanessa cover her lines despite Vanessa fully being on the struggle bus during that period... choices were made.
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  19. Especially as Vanessa has said on various occasions prior to this. She can't cover Frankie due to the high notes she does.

    I think it's in 24/7 when she's running late. So they are working out who is doing what if she didn't make it and Vanessa is like nah I ain't doing any of it.
  20. What a résumé.
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