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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Yeah she literally says "I don't wanna do Frankie's bits, they're too high for me." Right before they realise they can't sing Missing You because Frankie's pre-recorded vocals are baked into the performance track. Whoops.

    I'm assuming they gave her those lines for Faster because it was (technically) in her range and required a bit of power? If Rochelle did it she'd be singing 90% of the song, and Mollie wouldn't have the power for the belting bits.
  2. I still think Mollie should've done them, cause that performance was uhm, messy.
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  3. Back To You turns 5 in a few days and it's soooooo close to 1 million. Only needs a few hundred but I'm very doubtful Mollie will do it
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  4. It needs 50,000 streams to hit 2 million on Spotify. Maybe she’ll make it for the 10 year anniversary.
  5. Needs another 650 views on YouTube.
  6. I wonder if we'll ever really know what happened with Frankie.
    She was always such a performance force and then it seems like
    "On Your Radar" came about and she fell to pieces regarding the confidence in her vocal ability. Add to it Una's pregnancy and the album that could've launched 5 singles kind of got abandoned and I really feel like they missed a huge chance to make themselves a prominent act with this album.
  7. She's done tons of work around mental health over the last few years where she has explained that she has suffered from depression throughout her life. Around the release of My Heart Takes Over, she reached a particularly low point and checked into hospital for a month. She's talked about feeling guilty about feeling so low when she had a pretty successful career. There wasn't a reason why she was feeling that way other than her illness.
  8. Finest selection~
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  9. Also Frankie has spoken about the pressure she felt when she sang because she's aware everyone's listening, which is why she could be perfectly fine belting a chorus alongside the other four, but would whiff her solo lines.
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  10. This has always been my biggest gripe with the song, she could’ve easily done the middle-8.
  11. It’s weird that they do not all sing on the songs, especially when session/backing singers or writers can be clearly heard, however they aren’t the first nor I doubt will be the last girl band that this happens to.

    Another I will add to the mix is how heavy Ina’s vocals can be heard on Notorious. I am surprised they never just offered her a place in the band and be done with it.
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  12. Imagine my disappointment when this came up on my Spotify.

    I need actual new music from Vanessa. Both of her EPs were incredible.
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  13. Hey Popjusticers,
    This is random and falls between an era between Rochelle's time in S Club Juniors and The Saturdays so I'm not quite too sure where to post.

    Sometime in 2006 Rochelle was in a very SHORTLIVED band named 'Tigerlilies'

    They had two songs posted on their MySpace page (how iconic). The other members were Tillie (20) Kristina (19) (aged at the time).

    I've been able to locate these pictures from their time together, but no luck on locating the songs. I remember one of the songs was called "Changes"


    Can anyone point me in the direction??
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  14. Was it ever revealed what happened to Vanessa's voice and why she started struggling the way she did.... was it nodules?
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  15. I have some impression that it was a mix of her lifestyle and singing style but could be wrong!
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  16. Wasn't it due to smoking?
  17. It's never been explicitly said, but I think it was just as much mental as it was physical. Yes the drinking and smoking caused a couple cracks on stage here and there, but I think it got into her head that it could happen, so it did happen. That episode of Chasing The Saturdays showed there was nothing physically wrong with her vocal chords or throat (in 2013 at least). Plus having most of the fanbase compare your current voice to your "prime" (recording most of Chasing Lights when you were only seventeen) probably didn't help, of course her voice was gonna change.
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  18. 100% agree! Mental blocks, anxiety and stress can all affect a way somebody sings and performa. After her vocal issues, it never felt like Vanessa recovered properly (mentally) and always seemed a little nervous when belting out those big notes.

    However, bumping into her at G.A.Y. Late a few times, that girl did half smoke like a chimney and that would have ultimately had an effect, both on her throat and lung capacity.
  19. Isn't that when Rochelle seemed to suddenly start taking more leads?
  20. 30 Days was the point of the Vanessa/Rochelle shift. Vanessa has about 3 lines and Rochelle does all the ad-libs that Vanessa would normally do. I assume it was part of the On Your Radar sessions, as aside from the cover art being from the same photoshoot, that whole album marks a shift in less Vanessa and more everyone else.
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