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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Not sure if anyone noticed this, but Una was getting some press a few days ago regarding a medical condition she was diagnosed with while in The Saturdays. It's called Hashimoto’s Disease and led to her more huskier tone (which I loved in their earlier days). She's been on daily medication since the diagnosis. It doesn't seem to have to do with just about anything happening right now, so not sure how it popped-up (but I guess she has projects ongoing in Ireland at the moment).

    And of course Frankie has been out and about this week with the release of her new book Grow.

    Something not noted in the article for Frankie, but she did post in her Instagram Stories earlier this week is that she had no confidence and couldn't look anyone in the eye at their BBC Big Weekend 2013 performance. She wasn't happy with her body due to the antidepressants she was taking at the time during her first pregnancy which caused her to gain additional weight. Every time Frankie reveals how terrible she was feeling during some big moments we would have never guessed, it always makes me feel so sad.

  2. So this is random, but, I was searching the registry websites and I found a title written by just Rochelle.

    I really wonder if she did start recording music for a solo career but was like “meh better not”

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  3. Is there a date for this? Remember post-Saturdays either Rochelle or Marvin mentioned that she had lent her vocals to some LuvBug track(s) as a the demo singer. I wonder if it's related to that?
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  4. I always remember when I saw the Big Weekend performance the first time, I thought Frankie looked fantastic.

    I’ve always wondered what Frankie thought when doing the All Fired Up Tour. Obviously it was a really difficult period for her, but she really did deliver on the tour and she shone when performing.
    I’d imagine she doesn’t look back on that time very fondly and her chance to finally do an arena tour was perhaps overshadowed by other thoughts and issues?
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  5. I feel like with the way female singers were reported on, discussed and dissected never really set any of them up for success especially if they were struggling with things behind the scenes. There's this expectation of "you're in this industry, you deal with it" that allows people to mask really nasty stuff they're spewing out as "jokes" or "critiques." And while it's nice to have a little laugh here and there, if there's no kindness or empathy behind what you're saying- it becomes detrimental.

    Frankie has said she's always been really nervous and anxious and I can see how that coupled with a lot of the shit that was said about the band and her in particular got to her. Not only did a lot of the tabloids heavily miss the mark but I feel like even fans talking about them online did too. I just watched some random S Club 8 performance on youtube the other day and saw this comment that was something along the lines of "isn't it funny how Frankie carried SC8 but showed no vocal ability at all in The Saturdays" which is garbage. She showed plenty of ability. Maybe lack of control, yes, but she had so much going on and the fact that it's not something people even consider before they start speaking about her as if she's a pop bot is ridiculous. Does it honestly take the public having to see someone break down in tears having panic attacks to even gain a little empathy and sensitivity towards something? That's wild to me. You shouldn't have to witness someones severe trauma to give them empathy and understanding. And it never really helped that the media latched onto Frankie in magazines- it just let to her being micro analyzed more and when you're in a band with 4 other girls I'm sure the mental game of "where do I belong" and "what do I contribute" gets worse. At one point I remember her doing an interview where she talked about how it was weird being picked up by the tabloids as ""the hot one"" and how her position in the band shifted to being more so the face and less of the "content." Which you could tell kinda broke her. She started off in the band being very fearless on stage, not being afraid to fail and just going for it to becoming more secluded and just wanting to dance because it left her less open to being the center of negativity. It really just goes to show what you say about people can effect them greatly and has a bigger impact than you think and we're seeing that a lot more in the media lately with people like Britney. People need to put more care and thought into how they treat people regardless of the situation. In the end it just fuels terrible situations for the person being spoken about.

    That's what was on her story, but thank god when you go to look at those youtube videos of that setlist people are for the most part very kind to her body and praise her for going out there and committing. What sucks is that mentality isn't applied across the board to a lot of videos of them out there. A lot of the same stuff happened to Vanessa with her voice.

    When I met them on their Greatest Hits tour one thing I said (buzzed for sure) to Frankie was how much I love her voice in Faster and how amazing it is to listen her range (did a little hand motion too like a mountain as all the girls followed the movement with their eyes slightly confused) and it was odd because all the other girls lit up at the compliment and smiled and nodded/nudged towards her but you could tell she was shy hearing it. She deserved a lot more credit than she got. That could be said for all of them to be honest.
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  6. One thing I am grateful for (or I might be just selectively remembering nn) is that for as many 'The Saturdays are eternally pregnant' jokes and memes there are/were, they were never maliciously aimed at Una, Rochelle or Frankie in particular as attacks at them. A small silver lining.

    It's funny, I was watching that 2013 Big Weekend performance a couple days ago, and aside from the atrocious microphone levels (Radio 1 never learn nn), it was a pretty good set. You certainly don't get any hints of Frankie feeling any form of discomfort, not even in the backstage interviews. It's sad that she felt so out of control of herself.
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  7. That 2013 Big Weekend gig has always been something I've enjoyed but I always remember a bit of backstage footage that's always stayed with me - I always kind of joked about it being slightly Benny Hill-esque because the music starts early, they aren't ready and they all don't know what to do, but rewatching now, it's the only real sign (to me, anyway) that Frankie was uncomfortable. She's kind of pushed forward to lead them onto stage and then turns around and scurries to the back to let someone else go first.

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  8. Hearing Frankie talk about mental health so openly as an autstic 12 year with ADHD was so comforting. It geiunaly made me feel so much less alone knowing someone in my favourite band was going through something similar to me.
  9. I always thought they changed the order they walked on because of the formation they start the song in - Una and Mollie go first because they have that little bit further to walk. If Frankie went first the others would be walking past her and it'd look a bit messy. (Of course it did anyway because Una forgot there was only four of them nn)

    Una's face remains legendary.
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  10. Oh god. I love The Sats.
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  11. Since we're talking about epic entrances, I'm trying to find the video/performance this gif was taken from
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  12. Here! V Festival 2011. It's a mess because the backing track starts early and then plays twice on top of itself nn

    The next song after this is hilarious because you hear what's playing in their in-ears so you hear the sound tech counting Una in fff
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  13. The way this thread always circles back to their messes is amazing. Rather than frustration, watching them back is just heartwarming and nostalgic. The Stockholm syndrome is clearly eternal.
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  14. It's only Stockhom Syndrome if you view all those mess-ups as a negative to start with!
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  15. I remember rushing home from work one Sunday to watch the live stream on the V Festival show. Not one of their finest shows I'll admit. Vanessa's vocals were pretty much all over the place. This was when I began to worry about her voice properly, (even if at the time I thought her Forever Is Over vocals were good...!)

  16. Frankie had a segment of Loose Women dedicated to her career today.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This was so interesting! She's done great.
  18. Does anyone know what Vanessa’s doing now? Like has she got a “proper” job? Her last showbizzy thing was I’m A Celebrity in 2017 I think?
  19. Deserved
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  20. Defintely one of if not the best girlband single of the 2010s. Still saddens me that it’s chart peak was only number 10.
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