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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. In an alternate universe Up, Ego, Higher and 808 would’ve been lead singles and their success would’ve been even bigger. They always seemed to hold back the massive song for the second single aside from What About Us. But by the time the second single came around Up, Ego and Higher were almost doing damage control (Higher maybe not as much) and managed to be hits while cleaning up a misstep. Such a bizarre career but it really kept fans on their toes because every misstep felt like it could’ve been the end. I’m just glad we had them around for so long and in hindsight the general public seem to consider them pretty huge which is great.
  2. Higher and Ego will always be my favourite Saturdays singles, they definitely deserved to be number ones, and would’ve been better choices for lead singles.
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  3. They should've tried to launch in the US with Higher. One of their bests~
  4. Higher is great but I still have no idea what it's about. Can anyone elaborate?
  5. Well Ina Wroldsen, who wrote it, did an interview where she herself said the lyrics were nonsense, so... no!
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  6. Oh I think it, on the whole, sense. It's about trying to get a guy who plays hot and cold to listen.

    I think the song would make better sense if the lyrics was:

    So when I speak, listen, this is my decision
    But you keep on missing all the words
  7. But the question is... what is it and why are they going to lift it higher?
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  8. "'Cause I am finishing myself
    And I do not need your help

    Dance in those circles a bit Rochelle!
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  9. I'm still not really sure if it's "missing out" or "messing up" the words nn. It's like I'm not sure if Frankie's saying "you act like you're on fire" or "you act like you're a fighter" in Ego because her diction changes every performance.
  10. I always thought Higher was about self empowerment. Albeit very bagley.
  11. "I'm getting closer"

    Closer to where.

    "I'm moving in and, yeah, I think you know"

    Moving in where, what do I know??
  12. So, both 'Ego' and 'Up' are next for Platinum certifications - do we reckon they're going to be certified anytime soon?

    Also, I believe these are close to certifications:

    Soon to be SILVER
    - Living For The Weekend (Album).
    - If This Is Love.
    - Not Giving Up.

    Son to be GOLD
    - Issues.
    - Just Can't Get Enough.
    - Forever Is Over.
    - Missing You.
    - All Fired Up.

    Soon to be PLATINUM
    - Headlines (Album).
    - Up.
    - Ego.
  13. I remember all the discussions about Rochelle's verse in 'Higher' as well:
    • 'Cause I am finishing myself
    • 'Cause I am in this shit myself
    • 'Cause I am in this ship myself
    • ‘Cause I am innocent myself
    • etc.
    Generally speaking, I think that song in particular spreaded so many different lyrics interpretation, but it was a fairly common thing for them overall, wasn't it? Which is curious to say the least because none of the girls have very glaring pronunciation issues actually (at best Mollie had a bit of a lisp, but she's hardly the one with the most misheard lyrics anyway, so it was irrelevant).
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  14. "Higher" is definitely their "I Want it That Way". What do they mean? Nobody's knows, not even the writers, but we bop.
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  15. HOWLING at this attempt to analyze and dissect “Higher”! Like @Runawaywithme , I always just played it as an empowerment anthem about making your voice heard in a situation/relationship. The writer just really made the conflict at the heart of the lyrics vague but it’s definitely something to do with the other person not listening.
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  16. DAS


    I only just understand what the lyrics were to Higher a few months ago, when i looked up to discover i was singing them completely wrong for over 10 years. They never made sense to me when i sung what i thought were the right words, but the actual lyrics don't make much more sense either. Truly a Lucinda "I love hashtag queens" moment
  17. Late, but happy birthday to this iconic bop!

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  18. A game-changer. The way they made the party super naughty.
  19. Their best song by a mile. Didn’t realise MNEK had a hand in it
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  20. The song, the artwork, the video are all chef's kiss.
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