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The Saturdays - Headlines!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Breakfast2, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. I don't think any teenage guy/girl would want to have a female/male image that the pussycat dolls have. It's not really "sexy". It crosses that line as "trashy".
  2. I would love just a completely totally slutty girl group of 4/5 Ke$has that the public could loathe but I could stan over. Chloe Maffia would be perfect.
  3. RJF


    What we need is another set of Sugababes.

    Well, we already do, but you get what I mean.
  4. Trashy = The way forward.
  5. Another set as in 9 altogether?
  6. How about a Slutty boy band? Or a gay "t.a.t.u."?
  7. SBK


    Diva Fever!
  8. We had a decent band with Girls Can't Catch but people didn't seem to like them! Totally unfair. The name sucked to the high heavens, but the music was on fireee!!!

    I think a slutty boy-band sounds nice and different actually! Not camp slutty, but sexy slutty! Haha
  9. itzkk96

    itzkk96 Guest

    There used to be a boyband called Phixx and they were quite slutty.
  10. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I think their wholesome image is an advantage for them especially if they want to extend their market to the US and Asia. Asia especially. The teens and little girls will love them.
  11. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Like this? (Skip to 0:20)
    (but there are only two of them left now).
  12. All my Asian friends in my grade would eat their image up. Especially if they saw the dances. For some reason they love learning all the kpop dances. I'm sure they could launch in Asia well if they did a joint with other girlbands to get them introduced.
  13. We need a boyband just like this! Asian groups seem to get pop spot on.

    On another note, Bloodshy & Avant really like recycling their songs don't they.
  14. I've actually planned what would make a 'cool' boy band that people would like!

    It would be made up of 5 members. RnB, Pop vibe.

    2 rappers. One half cast, one white. A la Alesha Dixon in Mis-Teeq. Both can sing well too.
    A latin one, decent singer.
    A white singer, the 'Frankie' of the group, worst singer.
    And soulful, RnB, Pop voice black singer. Who has the best vocals.

    All would be able to dance amazingly, as well as doing amazing accapella and ballads while standing still. They'd be quite 'slutty' too but not too much. A good balance though.

    Oh and signed to Roc Nation.
  15. Just because Frankie's voice is more "pop" oriented and not as loud as per say Vanessa's, doesn't mean she's the worst. Her and Mollie basically sing the chorus of "If This Is Love", "Up", "Just Can't Get Enough", and "Ego", because their voices are the only ones that can sing the high harmonies with timbre. Not to mention Frankie leads on "I Can't Wait", "Karma" and leads ending bits on "One Shot". I wouldn't say you can pit voices against each other when they are 5 very different voices, complying to different types of music.
  16. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    How about a group with a white one, a black one, an Asian one, a Latin one and a mixed race one and they can sign and dance like crazy.
  17. How about you two stay on topic?...

    ANYWAY, BOW FLAPJACK BOWWWW, someone on here shows signs of sense. I'm tired of the hate on Frankie's voice.
  18. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Oh sorry. Well, I really want this era to end already after the tour. It's just too dragging. I'm really excited about their overseas promotions this year.
  19. I agree with you when you say she has a pop voice. I've always said she and Mollie have the 'pop voices' in the group. Mollie's voice is better than Frankie's, though. And the other three, although they do not have generic pop voices, they are better singers than her. I'm sorry. She maybe able to harmonize and sing harmonies on the studio versions, but live, her voice just seems shaky, loud and abit out of tune.
  20. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I re-watched the Missing You music video today. That's how you do subtle product placements in your music videos.
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