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The Saturdays - Headlines!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Breakfast2, Mar 22, 2010.

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    Yes!! Exactly like that! How amazing would it be?

    Can't believe the tour is just around the corner and I never got tickets! So upset! I didnt have money at the time and my parents wouldn't get me them cos they had already bought me Diana Vickers tickets, haha! Ah well, I have money to buy some merch off the official store if its put up. Close enough I guess!
  2. OMG i'm super excited. Can't wait! Its my first time at a Saturdays Concert! Was going to go to their Work Tour, but couldn't get bloody tickets.
  3. slimane

    slimane Guest

    I can't believe you used the term "half cast" Lego. That's like something my great grandad would say. Although it would make sense with a picture of a racist as your avatar.
  4. I'm sorry if you took it offensively. But you stated that it's something your great-grandad would say. Assuming you're white? It just sounds like you're bringing it up for the sake of causing a discussion about it.

    If you ARE trying to imply that I am racist, you are severely mistaken. If I was, why would I like a girl group with two black members?

    It looks like you've been indulging in abit too much in John Agard's poem. Oh and Cheryl isn't racist either.
  5. Anything to get a dig at Cheryl.
  6. Down to #59 from #43 this week.
  7. Well with studio versions it's always the perfect take of the vocals. One thing I notice with The Saturdays is that they always switch things around live. Especially Una. But, while her TV performances may be shaky, her tour ones are always spot on. And at the AOL sessions you could hear how good she was hitting her end notes on One Shot. I guess it's opinions really. I wouldn't say any of them are the worst. Nor would I with any other group as I find it a bit unfair.
  8. I do find Frankie's voice annoying and the weakest live. However if she has the right parts of the songs she sounds good, like her harmonising on One Shot (although she sounds bad on the Wordshaker live version) and her part in Missing You.
  9. I love all of the girls' voices, but I think Rochelle's is technically the strongest (that much is obvious). I think Mollie's voice, as much as I like it, is my least favourite, as it sounds like she has a cold all of the time, but I think her and Frankie's voices are girly and nice, they add a different emotion when put in the right place in a song.
  10. Mollie has a very nasally singing voice.

    She always nails the group's harmonies though.
  11. ITEM / WK / DATE / # / SALES
    Chasing Lights - 04 - 23/11/08 - #59 - 06,051
    Wordshaker - 03 - 01/11/09 - #57 - 04,080
    Headlines - 12 - 07/11/10 - #66 - 03,154
    Headlines - 23 - 23/01/11 - #58 - 02,900*


    (It shows how sales have declined over the past 3 years, by the way).

    *Estimated sales
  12. You may eat your hat. Looks like they're doing one this year!
  13. Is it confirmed? please say yes.
  14. Lots of people on Twitter tonight who went to their show at Liverpool said there were camera crews there, and some of the fans spoke to the camera men and said that they were filming a 5-part behind the scenes documentary for Channel 4 on the Headlines Tour - meanwhile filming the audience at that venue, and another (to follow) for the Headlines Tour DVD which will be filmed at Hammersmith Apollo.
  15. Haha! I know EXACTLY how you feel.
    I wonder why they haven't gone a bit international with this, like I think this really would do well in Australia.
  16. They probably cant afford the flights.
  17. Sorry for bumping this topic, but does anyone still have the youtube link for the fanmade edit of this song, where the middle 8 carries on for the rest of the song?
  18. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    I love that the charting position was put as the title.
  19. HA! Me too!
  20. Haha, it was also "The Saturdays - Missing You (#14 next week)" for a spell.
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