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The Saturdays - Headlines!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Breakfast2, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. And back to my original question...

  2. This user made one with like a rave-type breakdown after Vanessa sings "love is only true if it hurts";u=5317
  3. Does anybody remember the alternative version of Missing You heard on last summer's fabulous mag video ? The video was available on but it is down now, so we can't hear that version anymore. It sounded like a demo.

    I liked that alternative mix and wish it could be found somewhere...Like on a promo CD ? Does someone have information ?
  4. As soon as the paywall went down, that is the first thing I went after too, haha! I think only Fabulous Magazine ever got that version unfortunately. That version made the song sound much more interesting. Missing You's actual production was so lacking. It had the potential to be a great song but it just wasn't quite there. It's something their A&R really should've picked up on and had changed.
  5. I own the Missing You promo CD and unfortunately it's just remixes and the original song, no demo.
  6. Shame the fabulous mag video is down. Did anybody save it by any chance ?
  7. Oh I really wanted to hear that version of Missing You.
  8. This is my most listened to Saturdays song. I don't understand how some people really hate it but then again I can't stand Forever Is Over which seems to be liked in general.
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