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The Saturdays - Living For The Weekend

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. I think the video looks really great! Sure the concept doesn't go with the song AT all, but it's a fun video and looks polished.

    I can't help but feel this was the original concept for 'The Way You Watch Me'. Seeing as the director was tweeting about that being the single, right up until the video was shot.
  2. It's because firstly, they're getting out of a shit car and secondly because diners generally look cheap anyway. They might have been able to pull it off in the early 00s: But in 2012, you're gonna have to try harder than that.

    The problem is that there's no one at their label or management who will champion creativity in anything they do. They just have people who accept whatever is sent into them and pick something that will do the job. The artists who come out with good videos/consistently good albums generally take control of their own careers, with five girls that's difficult to do and since it's left to people who just see it as a job that needs doing, they're never going to maximise their potential.
  3. it's alright. nothing special. i do love their reactions though,especially frankies near the end when they're dancing haha.
  4. Vanessa looks fantastic! That is my only thought on the video....
  5. We wanted fun. They gave us fun.
  6. TJ


    That would make some sense actually, to me anyway haha. The lyrics to some extent fit the speed dating thing too, and the instrumental of the song fits the retro diner set.

    I think this will look better in HQ although some of the first few shots look so cheap.
  7. Is their management even trying anymore? Even just a little?

    Reject song. Reject cover art. Reject video.

    What next? Rejected from the charts?
  8. Dek


    I second this !


    Still following your lovely girls right? we all know you love them secretly
  9. Who rejected the song?
  10. TJ


    Aw your concern for them is so sweet, but really.. why do you let them bother you so much and show so much interest in their career when you don't even like them?

    Although I do agree with you for once - the song is poor.
  11. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Agreed, it's terrible on all fronts. They need to go away, drop a member (VANESSA) and come back with a new sound which doesn't sound the same as the last song they put out.
  12. You must be the loneliest person on Earth.
    Would you like me to pay you a visit to a psychologist?
  13. TJ


    I don't hear any similarities between this and My Heart Takes Over?

    (I know what you mean really though).

    What I want them to do and what they need to do is screw the weddings, go hibernate in the Xenomania mansion over the summer for however long under Brian and Miranda's - and whoever else is there - wing and like you say, come back with stronger material that - hopefully - sets them apart. I agree with what Scaper said the other day I think about Brian/Xenomania having something to prove now and working to their very best.. it'd be a good combination.. because 30 shitty Days definitely isn't Steve Mac at his best.
  14. Bugger. Is there an alternate link? It's already been taken down :(
  15. Yeah any alternate links? I missed out on seeing it.
  16. He's a such fan of the girls. Everything he says is said out of love.
  17. Obviously the budget wasn't great for the video. I just don't understand why they're smiling the whole time. The song has a darker tone to it.
  18. I agree with the sentiment that the girls are just settling for 'Ok'.

    They could've even done a live video for this----and done shots on the tour bus of them skyping with their boyfriends and staring at pictures of them and their boyfriends together (and none for Vanessa) and just singing, like that sounds super basic but at least it would've fit the song more.
  19. Vanessa now has a boyfriend, it's just Mollie who's single. Although The Sun reported she spent the night on karaoke with Prince William.. she's always wanted him. Mollie may just become royalty.
  20. Yes, this is what I wanted. I actually said a while back that I wanted Faster released with that kinda video. This is definitely the treatment for The Way You Watch Me, but I don't think it's awful... It's kinda fun which we've ALL been calling for, and the song is still brilliant.
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