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The Saturdays - On Your Radar

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rafa_el, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Producers:
    Taio Cruz, Steve Mac, Alphabeat, Lucas Secon, Xenomania (Brian), Space Cowboy, Carl Falk, Rami Yakoub and Labirinth.

    Some tracks:

    All Fired Up
    Turn Myself In
    White Lies
  2. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    Looking forward to this. Please let it be as good as Chasing Lights.
  3. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    Oh good, another Saturdays thread.

    Just be aware that if this simply descends into general discussion, then it will be locked, as we already have a long general discussion thread. Please keep it to information about the album only. Speculation is fine, but not if it ends up meaning 43 pages of talking about their previous output and endlessly comparing them to Girls Aloud before we even know a title!

  4. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    Release date is sometime in November isn't it?
  5. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    Xenomania is confirmed?
  6. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    Xenomania worked on All Fired Up if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    I thought it was only a couple of guys from the Xenomania team, but still "kept" the name of the group (Xenomania) ?

    I didn't totally understand what "the user" said and it's was quite a long time ago, so I don't remember exactly...But I think it was something like that, yeah...
  8. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    I hope this is good. They've been sitting on some of these tracks for a while, apparently.
  9. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    I doubt the Taio Cruz or Alphabeat tracks will be included.
  10. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    Why release an album in the biggest quarter of the year? They don't sell albums easily so you'd think they would release in a quieter period. Should have gone...

    First single - May 2011
    Second single - August 2011
    Album - August 2011
    Third single - November 2011 (Huge Winter single)
  11. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    Didnt they say they were working with them for the Wordshaker re-release, which then became Headlines?
  12. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    In the most recent interview concerning the material that they worked on with them, Rochelle said that they didn't "necessarily" work with them for this album. Either those tracks are for a different project they have going on, or Rochelle's a load of shit and trying to cover up that they are on this album. They've said they have finished around 8 tracks that could possibly be on the album. I don't know if that includes Notorious, All Fired Up or Turn Myself In, but if it doesn't I think they're well off.

    On a side note, I think it's good that they're writing, and that this is their project. I'm a bit weary about some of the choices they'll have for the final album, but I suppose I trust them. Una wanted "Not That Kinda Girl" for the album, so I have faith that they'll somewhat fight for the tracks that they really want there on the final track listing. If there is a Deeper 2.0 I will be filled with shame.
  13. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    Out of their three "album" releases, only one flopped,.

    Chasing Lights, an autumn release, is on around 350K+ with a #9 peak and four "album" singles (and a non-album one).
    Wordshaker, an autumn release, bombed, fair enough. 90K with a #9 peak and two singles.
    Headlines, a summer release, sold 186K (approx, but still selling) for a #3 peak, with two singles.

    We can't really decide if they're album sellers or not as one was big, one flopped and one did "okay".
  14. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    Yeah but that was last March. I can't see them using those songs 18 months later.
  15. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    So they've sold 630k over three albums? I wouldn't say that's good seeing as they've had 9 (?) top ten singles.
  16. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    But they're obviously more of a "single" artist, considering they regularly sell over 200k with each single.
  17. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    Yeah, I wasn't saying they aren't successful. I just find it weird that they would release a potentially make or break album when there's the most competition. They must be confident in the second single.
  18. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    I'm surprised it took until the second page before someone said "make or break".
  19. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    I love how people said it was Wordshaker, then Headlines, and now this album and probably the next one will be 'make or break' for them.
  20. Re: The Saturdays - fourth album

    In my opinion it's a make or break album. Just like it was the opinion of the people who said Wordshaker was a make or break album.

    In my opinion, I can't see how the record label can keep funding the recording sessions etc. But I could be wrong and they could be spending all the money on gold plated sex toys.
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