The Saturdays - On Your Radar

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I don't think not doing on air / on sale is the right move for them...they managed to top10, which is great considering the OA/OS standards. The problem with the Notorious campaign is how they planned the promotion, not the fact the released the song the same week they premiered it.

It's like their team can't realize of their own mistakes.
I don't think Pixie is a threat at all looking at her singles,
Mama do 1 all the boys 1 but then you have cry me out 12, Gravity 20, turn it up 11, and Broken Arrow 12. Compare that to The Sats singles, they will easily outsell Pixie, i am really excited for this song.
Well to be honest Pixie's album sales aren't even that impressive considering the amount of singles, media interest, radio airplay that she has .

I'm looking forward to this, I hope its a bit like Higher.
The Sats have had 3 albums. How much have they sold overall? Let's say 600,00.

Pixie has had one album + re-release. The figures are somewhere between 800,000 and 1million. I think that the figures for Pixie are rather impressive if you compare them like that. Her album has sold consistently because she released more singles and didn't care about top 10 positions. Let's be honest here. Pixie has had 2 number 1's. The Sats have had none.

If the song is good enough and they do a decent amount of promotion and have lots of radio play then yes they could make it to number 1. But the same could be said of all the other acts releasing in the same week.
They should have the radio premiere and video release at the beginning of August, then do heavy promotion over the following weeks, and that should get them a nice place in the top 3.
Can we let go of Pixie for this thread?

I'm looking forward to new Saturdays. The albums have (in my hum..etc) been lacking, but the singles have mostly been great. And essentially Notorious is a hit, in this new on air era. I have a few worries about their whole 'Oh yeah writing SO many songs, love' thing, cos... no. If they just leave it to their talented-yet-sometimes-slightly-linguistically-off-in-a-charming-way Swedish people, I think they'll be fine.
The conversation had stopped until you brought it back up.

There's just no point making claims of Pixie's sales not being impressive when they clearly are. That's like saying The Sats album sales are impressive when by comparison they are not.

Anyway... I wish they would have give us a little clip (more than 4 seconds) of All Fired Up. It seems like it could be a smash. Hopefully it has a proper chorus and an amazing video/promotion campaign.
I agree about Pixie's sales being huge, but the rerelease did nothing, it seems to me she is washed up, but this is a Sats thread, i don't think they have peaked yet, this era could be their breaking point, i am pretty sure All Fired Up is going to do amazingly well. Let's hope their team would be smart and give them a proper compaign, and i was thinking that Notorious did amazingly well as oa/os i mean theey only performed it once yet it debuted at the top 10 while other artistys struggles to hit the top 10 even after huge promotion.
g.britney said:
I agree about Pixie's sales being huge, but the rerelease did nothing, it seems to me she is washed up,

Pixie had sold 615800 copies upto the week before the re-release and in March her total was 782700 and will now be even higher, her re-release sold about the same as Headlines!

Anyway it doesn't matter, we can't know how any of these artists are going to perform and considering we haven't heard anymore than 4 seconds of The sats single it seems silly to start the comparisons just yet. Hopefully the radio premiere will be very soon though, I'm really curious to how this will sound.
I'm looking forward to this song most because this era seems so different for the saturdays musically. And whilst I love Notorious I don't want them to completely change their sound. I'm hoping this new single is a bit more...traditional sounding for them. If that's the right word for it.


Thank god its not going to be a OA/OS thing!
I'm thinking on the same wave length too, and that clip backs this up too. I don't like the sound of the clip though, hopefully I'll like the whole thing.

They're singing "All fired up, I feel alive, all fired up, I feel alive" but the lyrics don't seem to flow with the tempo if you know what I mean.
The clip isn't the finished version though, I don't think it's even mastered. I hope there's more energy in the vocals and the chorus is slightly more uptempo and atmospheric. It's a bit too mellow for a song about being fired up.
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