The Saturdays - On Your Radar

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It's sad, because a lot of people thinks she's full or herself. I just think she enjoys to perform and sing a lot and obviously, with such a great voice, it's not surprising.
Rochelle is very reliable live but let's not forget she can be a bit of a lazy perform at times. I remember there was a small 'hurrah' on here when she finally decided to jump along with the other girls during their early Higher performances. She went whole performances being the only person not to jump, it looked odd.
It sounds a bit weird live because they seem to all sing lower than on the record. The performance was good, but I was kinda scratching my head at the second chorus when their vocals completely disappeared. It could use a bit of rejigging.

Also, Vanessa is still hotter than you.
AllStar7 said:
The general consensus of the 'All Fired Up' performance seems to be that Rochelle and Una sounded very good. Meanwhile the performance was brought down by Frankie and Mollie's vocals, and Vanessa's weight gain.

I'm not the only who laughed... right?


The sad thing is, in person Vanessa would probably be considered quite small. But on TV standing next to Mollie 'Look, You Can Actually See My Heart Beat!' King, she's "fat".

Le sigh.
The second chorus was off because Vanessa, who I'm pretty certain sings it live the first time through, doesn't bother to do so again. If they had that sorted out, it would have been faultless.
duckface said:
The sad thing is, in person Vanessa would probably be considered quite small. But on TV standing next to Mollie 'Look, You Can Actually See My Heart Beat!' King, she's "fat".

Le sigh.

Good, but Frankie is a lot more skinnier than Mollie in terms of "upper body". It's not because she got some curves that she isn't skinny anymore.
Actually both of them are very "model"-like.

I guess Una is really the average women.
I would very much like to be your friend if the people you hang out with make you consider Una to be average looking.
I love this song so much and it deserves to be given worldwide release. It has more potential to be number 1 in the UK than Leona and Sugababes combined. The video, on first watch was dissapointing but the live performance totally made up for that.
I didn't dislike the random girl in the group!

And the All fired up performance was decent, it did its job, people at home won't notice Vanessa lost her voice or whatever. The Mollie part does not sound too bad and you forget/forgive it becuase you're still astonished for Frankie murdering her part...

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Not a bad performance really. Vanessa needs to not pronounce 'speakers' in the way that she does live, otherwise she was good (compared to recent performances). I love Rochelle and Una, they really hold the band together. Frankie was terrible as always. Mollie's such a diamond - she may only get small parts but she pulls them off brilliantly.

Oh and seriously, Vanessa's figure is lovely. How dare anyone call her overweight?!
Laughing at Frankie's lack of diction in her verse...."We're so close to the edge eh' desire "

An why is there green lasers? , its too dark and proved the dancers pointless.
I agree with the comments about Frankie, but I remember once (I think it was on the What Goes On Tour documentary) she actually cried with frustration because she kept messing up her notes during a rehearsal. It made me feel quite bad actually because she knows she's the weakest singer and you can tell whenever she does a solo she always seems really nervous, but I think in some songs she actually does her parts well (Missing You, Higher, Ego) and other times she's terrible (Just Can't Get Enough, Work, Notorious, All Fired Up).

And about the "weight" conversation, I thought all five girls looked really skinny and petite next to that girl during 'Higher'. The girl had a great figure and was quite attractive, but she looked so tall and 'normal' compared to the others who were so tanned, perfected and skinny.
i think that mollie and frankie make it up in the performances with their dancing.
i believe those two are the best dancers/movers in the group
and the other 3 are the best singers.
Performance was ok. Wasnt brilliant though. The performance lacked energy and their black outfits didnt help either. They need to inject some colour and life into it.
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