The Saturdays - On Your Radar

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I don't think they've hit the top 20 that quickly before. Not that it actually means anything in the grand scheme of things but impressive nonetheless. Pixie did a midnight uStream and so she's trending on Twitter so I expected her to have the upper hand from the very start considering all the airplay she has been receiving too.
^ You can download outside of the UK from mFlow. I don't know if it'll count toward the charts, but I bought the b-side bundle just a few minutes ago.

Top twenty in two hours is amazing! I hope they can get the no. 1 next Sunday!
Has anyone seen their latest flip? You guys will be pleased to know it's much more like their older flips. Also, they showed bits of their This Morning performance and it did look like they were singing live. I'm now questioning whether it was all completely mimed.
It hasn't updated. Probably won't for another hour or so. I looks like Mecury Records' decision not to make CD singles applies to Pixie, I had expected them to do physical singles for their more popular artists. Even if Pixie overtakes them on iTunes following her Red or Black performance, The Saturdays' physical sales may make up for it. I don't think Leona's doing a physical release either.
The saturdays could go top 10 soon.

16. The Saturdays - All Fired Up
68. Pixie Lott - All About Tonight
103. Leona Lewis - Collide
I am so going to be disappointed on Sunday when I'll know they aren't #1.
It's always like that with them. They can't have a #1, it's against the nature.
I'm predicting Top 5 and a long chart run. If this happens then this era will mirror Chasing Lights, when If This Is Love debuted at #8 like Notorious.
If This Is Love did last longer in the charts than Notorious though. Hopefully airplay will pick up as it climbs iTunes and it does have a long chart run. Up remains their longest charting in the top 100 at 36 weeks. I'm not entirely sure it matters though seeing as there's another single out in November. They won't want people becoming sick of them just as the album's out. They're just want recognisable songs out there that'll sell the album.
I think this may do well because even if the lyrics are simple, simple is good. Simple makes them easier to remember, so when the song comes on you already know all the lyrics. And the repetitive AFU chanting will get stuck in people's heads. So it could either be off-putting to people and they will hate it, or it will be ridiculously catchy so they will so love it. (hoping for the latter of course)
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