The Saturdays - On Your Radar

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yay! well done girls!

pixie is #3 on mine as well.
poshlopez said:
What's the point of celebrating 30 seconds, 1hour, 10 hours, 1 day of them being no1 on iTunes if they will end up being in top 5 when official chart comes out?

Because it might be the only time we ever will see them up there! I'm enjoying it while it lasts because you're probably right about them ending up in the top 5.
Even if they don't stay there (and chances are they won't), at times like this, I fucking love being a fan. Actually feel a bit emotional!
Ethereal said:
TJ said:
Also.. who is Lou Al Chamaa? He's getting some trouble from people for retweeting a tweet asking people to download All Fired Up instead of Leona?!/loualchamaa

Leona's ex boyfriend! Haha!

So that means that so far, Leona's ex-boyfriend and four of her fellow X Factor contestants (One Direction, JLS, Joe McElderry, and Alexandra Burke) have chosen to promote the Saturdays instead of her...Bwahahahaha

The Saterdays are Number 1 on UK itunes! Yippy!!! "All fired up, I feel alive! All fired up, I feel alive! All fired up, I feel alive! I feel alive! I feel alive!"
Very surprised but good for them hope they have lots of promotion this week to hang on.There popstar mates need to tweet mid week as well.
A small victory but a victory nonetheless! This is good news, people who were on the fence about the track or saw it as a guilty pleasure will now feel a lot more comfortable in saying they like it. People who wouldn't check out a Saturdays song may now do so. More importantly, radio will be much more serious in playing the track now hopefully.
Bless Rochelle.

@RochelleTheSats I can't breathe number 1 on iTunes :) ahhhhhhhhhhh Marv is popping open champers at ours as we speak wooo! Hope it stays there #teamsats xx
Such a great surprise. I hope they get a number 1 Sunday, if only to say they have one. But anything can happen so I won't get my hopes up just yet. And I love Rochelle!
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