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The Saturdays - On Your Radar

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aOblivious, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. It just needed more sirens. The chorus is basis but basic choruses don't seem to have hurt LMFAO. It's part of what makes a song radio friendly and catchy.
  2. I guess being in the studio a lot means they're trying to get as much out of them before Una gives birth and takes a long leave. It could take her a couple of weeks before she comes back so maybe they're planning to start early with another album maybe in the middle of the year?
  3. I don't think recording is a problem for Una. She can bring her baby to the studios, you know...
  4. I agree that Promise Me should have been a single. It's definitely one of the more radio friendly songs on the album.
  5. I haven't checked in on this thread in like forever so forgive me if I missed something big but I'm guessing the lack of any new single announcement (basing this on the lack of a thread) means there isn't one coming? Is the era over?
  6. They're recording new material. For a re-release or a totally new album/greatest hits, we don't know.
  7. Thanks Karma! Wow I'm disappointed they never gave Faster a shot.
  8. Oh life...

    I've just been reading the forums on The Saturdays website and all the hype about On Your Radar is so upsetting. People talking about the fourth,fifth and even sixth single!! It's a shame that they decided to give up on the album. I really wish they'd released another single with a last promo blitz, see what they could do.

    Hopefully all the Rumours about the U.S are true and they finally sell a bucket load.
  9. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I still think this is their best album to date!
  10. I think it has some of their best songs to date - 'All Fired Up', 'Faster', 'White Lies' and I still am convinced that 'My Heart Takes Over' is one of their best ballads. As an album though, it just didn't click with me. It felt quite uninspired and samey.

    'Chasing Lights' is clearly their best album.
  11. Get rid of For Myself, Promise Me, Wish I Didn't Know, and replace Last Call with the 2nd Adventure remix and that's the perfect album for me.
  12. But Wish I Didn't Know is amazing! So much Mollie.
  13. This was such a waste of a fantastic album! Only thing I would change is The Way You Watch Me. The 'radio edit' is much, much better and makes the song far more enjoyable! The original is a bit dull and demo like. Don't really care for Travie either.
  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The entire album is perfect. Their second-best.
  15. This is my favourite album of their's. It's the one I go back and listen to all the time still.
  16. It might just be my favorite album ever.
  17. Everything except for the uninspired bit right here is flawless. Had they gotten rid of "For Myself" and "The Way You Watch Me" in place of better tracks ("Not That Kinda Girl," I'd even take "Gypsy Eyes" based off the title alone) it would have trumped "Chasing Lights" for me. Sadly this did not happen.
  18. It would be my favourite Sats album if it didn't have the atrocious three-song combination of For Myself, Do What You Want With Me, and Promise Me. The album is amazing up until that point, then it drags for three songs, then it's back on track with Wish I Didn't Know.

    Overall I think Wordshaker might actually be my favourite album of theres!
  19. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Those songs are great though...
  20. Definitely not in that order!
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