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The Saturdays - On Your Radar

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aOblivious, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. 'Not That Kinda Girl' is amazing, it should have been on the album... and 'Turn Myself In'.... and probably 'Ladykiller'. It's so frustrating when the B-Sides could have easily replaced the filler, and lifted it from a solid album to a great album.
  2. You better believe that I pulled the stankest face at this post. Andrwk, you idiot!
  3. For Myself and Wish I Didn't Know are the only tracks I'm not particularly fond of. They're not bad, just not as good as the rest. Not That Kinda Girl and Ladykiller should have been on there instead.
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Their b-sides are all so good.

    Unofficial, Golden Lies, What Am I Gonna Do, Flashback, I CAN'T WAIT...ugh. Love these girls.
  5. 'Flashback' is unparalleled brilliance. Without a doubt, one of their best songs (and they have a lot of amazing tracks).
  6. Do What You Want With Me is no way, shape or form a drag. The "oh oh's" are amazing, for example. The drum'n'bass is great.

    I think the only songs I'm not that bothered with are Promise Me and Wish I Didn't Know. They're very much album tracks. And to this day, I'm still bothered with all the coughing in For Myself.
  7. THEY'RE GOOD SONGS. It's just an awful combination of them. It doesn't sound pleasant listening to the three of them in a row. When my album is on shuffle (which is rare) they're nice additions.
  8. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    They are 3 of the best tracks, you worry me.
  9. Promise Me isn't an album track. Sounds like a single to these ears.
  10. Definitely here for On Your Radar love. I'd enjoyed The Saturdays prior to this album, but this is nearly perfect through and through. 'All Fired Up' isn't even the best song on the album, and they really solidified their streak of amazing ballads with the ones on this album. This album is the perfect example of not doing anything groundbreaking, but instead doing what's trendy with exceptional skill, which I think is just as commendable.
  11. On Your Radar is one of my favourite albums ever. I was unsure of Do What You Want With Me, Promise Me and For Myself at first but after seeing them do them live my mind completely changed.
  12. On Your Radar is a proper good modern pop album. Period. I certainly wouldn't mind changing Promise Me and For Myself for Ladykiller and a proper good version of Turn Myself In but... I don't understand the love for Not That Kinda Girl. It's not bad but I definitely think it's b-side material, and the lyrics are a bit cringeworthy now two of them are actually married and having kids.
  13. Songs aren't autobiographical, Beyonce isn't a single lady either. Songs are like poems, they contain personas that don't necessarily represent the writer/singer.
  14. You've got a point there, definitely. It still has that effect in me, especially when it comes to Rochelle.
  15. Rob


    How has nobody mentioned the brilliance of Faster?! It would have been a perfect single for Spring last year. Such a shame they just gave up when My Heart Takes Over tanked.

    It's so euphoric.
  16. I still listen to most of these tracks daily. It's an amazing album.
  17. Yes. Such a gorgeous song! I love this fan video.
  18. 'Faster' is one of their best songs. It forms part of the holy trinity - Faster - White Lies - One Shot - of the biggest Saturdays singles that never were. Seriously. All three, would have been huge.
  19. Loving the On Your Radar love! They really took the dance trend, and made a great album.
  20. Four words. GET READY GET SET.

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant album.
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