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The Saturdays: The Work Tour 2009

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Steveweiser, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. this is all happening so quickly!!! i need to round up my saturdays crew (which so far consists of just me).
  2. I feel your pain, I said to my housemate about a week ago, that when they tour we're going and her response was "Im not that bothered"

    My other friend who moved home in January is up for it though, we just need to work out where, and I'll buy my housemate a ticket whether she likes it or not (shes in barbados and i cant ask her anyway), she'll go cause its an event at which i'm likely to have a few drinks at and show the sats how to put on a show
  3. It's really annoying that they haven't announced where it is. I hope we don't just find out on friday because otherwise I'm going to be wasting time depending where to go/calling people to see where is best for them.
    At least we have people to go with now. So far I have recruited 1 person, another I'm pretty sure will come but hasn't got back to me. I want to get all of my friends to go and have like 20 people going. Would be amazing.
    I also have to convince my friends to colour co-ordinate Saturdays style - Mollie would be proud.
  4. yeah it does seem a bit random to not anounce it. I imagine the website will be updated tomorrow with the information.

    and yes thank god someone is willing to go with me, sadly I cant take one friend without the other because they'll be like THANKS FOR GIVING ME THE OPPORTUNITY etc so yeah
    Im going somewhere that isn't london for a bit of an adventure.
  5. How weird, the rest of the dates aren't up yet.
  6. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Which are the rest of the dates anyway?
  7. Quite agree vasilos. Would preferably like it if they had an Ipswich or Southend date so I don't have to get on a train.
  8. There's a Manchester date: 19th at the Manchester Apollo!
  9. i just saw that on Ticketmaster, but the London date isn't showing up on there though
  10. I know, don't they go on sale tomorrow?! Ticketmaster better sort itself out or I'll be having words!

    EDIT: This was posted on the Official Forum:

  11. /\ /\

    So now the original Southampton and London dates have dissapeared? What's going on?
  12. The full list of dates are on the first page.
  13. Re: The Saturdays: The Work Tour 2009 (Full Dates)

    Bristol! YAY!!! And it's the week between Girls Aloud and Pet Shop Boys, good times!!!
  14. Re: The Saturdays: The Work Tour 2009 (Full Dates)

    Hammersmith (hmv) Yeeeeahhh. Also I could go to the Nottingham date, it's the day before my mum's birthday and I could just use that as the excuse to come up to Nottingham!
  15. ahh thanks, just seen those
  16. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: The Saturdays: The Work Tour 2009 (Full Dates)

    Shit no PSB compatibility! Unless they add a June 18 London date haha
  17. Re: The Saturdays: The Work Tour 2009 (Full Dates)

    Are these all standing? I hate standing!
  18. Re: The Saturdays: The Work Tour 2009 (Full Dates)

    seriously, we need word of a Belfast date. ASAP !!!!!!
  19. Re: The Saturdays: The Work Tour 2009 (Full Dates)

    oh god, i would love to see them but i really cant be arsed to go to a tour which isnt seated...
  20. Re: The Saturdays: The Work Tour 2009 (Full Dates)

    Manchester on the 19th - means i will have Britney on the 17th (hopefully again on the 18th too if the rumours are true) and then The Satz on the Friday - good times!
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