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The Saturdays - Wordshaker

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Breakfast2, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. hell no.

    i like this song but i can't remember how it goes, as soon as it's over
  2. Im dissapointed. From "Work" to tHiS?? The lyrics and the melody in the lyrics sounds so oh, Saturdays-familiar, but the music is way off, I don't like it.
  3. I'm late to the party as I don't give it a shit about the Saturdays, so hadn't bothered listening to this until now.

    I have to say: I think it's a vast improvement on previous tracks. When it first started and the vocals kicked in I thought 'oh here we go, more lame shouty-singing', but once the beat was introduced, I thought it was great. I quite liked Up and Work but thought the electronic sound made them seem somewhat soulless. This isn't going to win any prizes and isn't a number 1, but it's a good track. I'm pleasantly surprised.
  4. why is everyone making such a big fuss with the sound? Its The Saturday's Sexy! No, No, No... and i love it!
  5. It's defiantoootley a grower
  6. Its getting a really good reception everywhere now
  7. A reasonable album track... yes

    A potential single towards the end of the campaign... possibly

    A lead single for an album... no
  8. Major let down.
    Complete rush job from the label so that they could tie in an album release before Xmas.
    This could really damage their career. The video is all over the place too.
    The single should have been left until February giving a massive hype.
  9. Ha ha ha.

    This song is not going to damage their career, it's going to do wonders for it!
  10. Radio is going to absolutely worship this, i can't imagine how its going to damage their career. I think its the one of the best girl band songs for years.
  11. They are not going to sell many albums on the back of this. I hope for their sake they have a killer single ready to go before Christmas.
  12. They wouldnt have sold many albums on the back of if this love either.
  13. No, but they released Up before the album as well. This time it's just 1 single then the album.

    They need an Up.
  14. Oh sorry, i thought there was going to be a second single then the album.
  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    The 'ladada' before the first verse reminds me a bit of Unbreak My Heart.
    Mollie's set reminds me of Jack & Pacey's apartment from the Creek.

    Loving the expressions from Frankie and Vanessa in the second verse, Vanessa is fierce and Frankie seems sincerely sad (she's a bit Katie Holmes with her new hair!)

    Only thing I don't really like is the way Vanessa rhymes 'cry' with 'cry' in the chorus (or am I mishearing things?)
  16. It had me at first listen! I really like the drum beat. Never been a big fan of the Satz but this is them coming into their own me thinks.
  17. Why do people think the album won't sell on the back of this? Just curious
  18. Negativity?

    (that was loosely a joke by the way)
  19. What constitutes a lead single for an album?

    I think Maureen is right this isn't a 'number 1' (though that's not saying it won't get there), however what it sounds like to me is one of these radio monsters with staying power.

    Kinda like Battlefield has been. Yes I know that's hardly been a huge success but actually it's stuck around the middle of the top 20 for ages and got the album to a similar position and that was totally off the back of the song being a big radio hit. As has been discussed in the Battlefield threads, how much better would it have done if Jordin had actually gone on a big promotion drive? The Saturdays will obviously do this.

    I'm not saying it necesarily will be successful in selling the album (afterall nothing is ever assured) but I don't see why it couldn't be, it has all the ingredients to do so.
  20. Saw them at V Festival yesterday and they all looked great.
    Sound was rubbish though, the drums and bass FAR to loud on everything yesterday with the microphones nowhere near loud enough.

    'One Shot' sounded potentially fantastic, they tried to get the audience involved but it didnt happen.

    LOL at when they did a mashup of 'Shut Up & Drive' and 'So What', Rochelle replaced instead 'Jessica Simpson' with 'Cheryl Cole'.

    They never performed 'Forever Is Over', it is rather 5/10 ish though isnt.
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