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The Saturdays

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Amazing video. You could never tell it was budget given how slick and expensive it all looked.

    And Mollie affirmed her place as Queen of the Earth.
  2. Everything has gone well so far, pre-orders are doing fairly well, album boosted up to 225 on iTunes, video is getting a generally good reaction.

    The thing making me most anxious now is the radios. I assume it would have been sent to radios this week. No play from even capital yet, though.
  3. The thing that I just love about these girls is that when they're doing music videos like this, they look like proper mega stars. Like, honestly, I could see this being a smash hit around the world. They look like THE girl band of 2014 and the song is just fucking fantastic. The lights, the choreography, the quick shots...I just love it. This song is one of my favourites of their career and I'm glad they're giving it justice with a video like this.

    It's so funny because when you watch their TV shows you think they're really dorky and silly and really down to earth and you just think they're so normal and relatable but when you watch a video like this you realise that these girls are stars.
  4. The release date is so far away that I would not be surprised if radios don't start playlisting this immediately.

    It's working so well on iTunes, selling the album and all, that I can't imagine this not getting at least some minimal airplay.
  5. They wanted "Leave A Light On". We wanted "Not Giving Up". We help sell the album and create one of the best campaigns so far.

    Thus, we are always right.

    Bow down Peter and Adam, bow down.
  6. I also love that 'Not Giving Up' is a big 'fuck you' to those who say they're going elsewhere.
  7. Nice video! I somehow feared a budget Liberty X 'Just A Little' rehash after seeing the pictures but it's quite fresh. That car though.
  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I´d probably have to wait just a few weeks till we got Bigger as well, but would people be up for a Saturdays Song Survivor?
    They seem to be at a point in their carreer where there's more than enough songs to make for an interesting one!
  9. I quite like the video.

    I particularly like the bendable white light things. I thought it was just going to be big light sticks but thought that was quite cool.

    I like that the single mix only has minor edits and they didn't go crazy with the changes. Subtle changes but it makes the song better.
  10. The breakdown during Frankie's middle-8 has clicked with me. It's amazing! Can't wait to hear the extended version now.

    I like how the mixing is slightly different between the single mix and the album version. Drum/beat elements during the chorus have become more noticeable (they sound more structured), while the alert-like sound effect during the second part ('if you tell me no...') of the first chorus is mixed deeper, more quiet or even non-existent.

    The single mix also has made me realise (I think there's a very minor difference in the mixing between it and the album version) that there's a synth in the background during Vanessa's prechorus. I don't know how I have never noticed it before...
  11. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I adore this video now. Don't think I've loved a Saturdays vid this much since Ego. They all look beautiful in it, I love the way it's been shot. It's simple but eye-catching, and that's exactly what a group of their "age" needs right now.

    I hate it. I hate the horrible, churning feeling in my stomach I get when I see people getting told off for doing things that aren't even against the rules. Most of the time I don't bother saying anything, but when I do, the nervousness I feel when I check the thread for replies is unbearable. I find myself wondering what abuse I'll get this time, or even if I'll be banned. But it seems that if I don't say anything, nobody else will.

    I realise I sound like a pathetic knob, it's just the Internet, but Popjustice has been a part of my daily routine for a long time now and I'd like it to stay a largely pleasant experience.

    So yes, I hate having to get on my soapbox.
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  12. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Liam don't get banned please. There's only a few of us in the above 20,000+ zone.

    By the way, Una's parts are the best. If she goes solo, electro-pop should be her route. She can always have all the acoustic stuff as album tracks.
  13. I swear, they take this neon-sticks choreography to Eurovision and they just KILL IT.
  14. When artists have product placement in their videos like this do you think the fee they get would actually cover the entire cost of the video? Cos if it does (at least for a cheaper video like this) then its a great idea for groups like the Saturdays who struggle to sell albums but are big single sellers to get their singles released cheaply isn't it?
  15. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Product placement doesn't cover the whole cost, but it does lower it allowing for a more elaborate video costing the label less. The car ad for sure wouldn't have covered the whole video.
  16. I've just become addicted to Lease My Love
  17. I don't really understand the 'cheap, all over the place' choreography comments. Am I the only person that would rather a video of The Saturdays trying their hardest to do choreography, even if a bit messy compared to a video where it's just dancers we don't even know and The Saturdays for the beauty shots?
  18. The video is perfect. I don't even mind the car, it seems much more well done than it did in "30 Days." Frankie's part is still perfect with the edit, and I love the shots where they all move the lights around facing different directions. (MistakenBiology's avatar)

    So glad they did this. It's phenomenal.
  19. ADM


    Only The Saturdays would do this on the FIFTH single.
  20. I'm usually fine with their uneven choreography, but they rarely deliver slick studio shot videos so it seems out of place here, especially since they can deliver when needed (the All Fired Up and Work videos, for example). An example of their usual working for them would be like Up! To bring up a similar thing, Girls Aloud were never great at choreography either, but their videos often reflected that, like with the Biology video. It's a minor nitpick, and honestly I love these girls faults just as much as their strengths, but it's definitely something that sticks out on a first watch.
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