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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. It could end up being a very clever move. They shouldn't have ended up on five singles from the one campaign, but putting that aside when was the last time any post-album single was this exciting, let alone single #5?
  2. SBK


  3. TMI


    The pics speak for themselves.
  4. It's so weird supporting The Sats at times honestly.

    A fifth single from a flop album by The Saturdays is looking like it's going to smash and is already showing promise in the Netherlands (an ACTUAL other country).
  5. It's never easy supporting The Saturdays. These last five (soon to be six) years have been an evolution of various emotions with each album campaign.
  6. Ughh. I don't know French, but it's obvious what they're saying from the images. I guess it's "funny" but it also pisses me off how someone would go to that much effort just to belittle and mock the video... It's a good video.

    Edit: Although they do have a point about the shots of Vanessa during her verse. It was noticeable for me because I wanted to see more of her gorgeous face, dammit!

    Haha! Oh god, it was you wasn't it...
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  7. The new mix sounds great, and they all look fantastic. Mollie in particular, woah! I have to agree on the dancing though - the routine looks cheap and incredibly half-arsed. 6 years since their debut single you're surely allowed to expect them to be a bit tighter than this?!
  8. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    And this isn't available to buy on iTunes, how annoying. Looking forward to buying it, All Fired Up 2.0 and that is no bad thing.
  9. I think that that French clip review is amazing... This pic seems to be the most dramatic one, haha:

  10. This is like a "BIG RETURN SINGLE BY THE SATURDAYS" type greatness. This could easily have been their return single after the American adventure. It's hilarious that a song this fantastic is single #5 from an album.

    God I just love this song and video and these girls.
  11. You don't say!
  12. HAHA!

    Apparently Rochelle is on Radio 1?

  13. Scaper, did you write this French review?
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  14. I love making gifs, but I don't have that much time to lose, at least not nowadays (exams, exams, exams!). Not the same kind of humor either.

    The sarcasm is unbearable.
  15. OMG why, what did he say?
  16. It's not properly towards her, but he's basically saying that there's no need to act like a star/attention seeker, because if you're in a girlband, that's probably because you didn't have what you need to be a solo star. Thing is' on the picture he chose for Frankie, she's not even seeking attention, she's just in synch with the routine/music while the others aren't.

    It's part of the humor and sarcasm of the post, but it's just not my thing. It's all jokes and all, but it"s the kind of review I found useless.
  17. Erm, wow... That sounds pretty harsh, haha. I get that the post was meant to be sarcastic or jokey, but I dislike it even more now. Damn French people! (kidding, obvs.)
  18. I have been singing this allllll daaayyyy lloooonnnggg.
  19. I've watched the video at least 30 times this morning alone. It's just.....perfect.

    I'm so glad I committed to stanning these girls after the video for "Up!" dropped.
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