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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Una is really forgettable in this video. She barely gets any close-ups and then randomly gets one at the end of the song and it's like "who the fuck is that?".

    Vanessa looks hot but is slightly forgettable as well.
  2. duckface

    duckface Guest

    She has a lot of solo shots, but most of them are of her rotating on the platform.
  3. Mollie's hip pop during the chorus routine has turned me straight. Just damn woman, why you so perfect?
  4. I like the shots of the group on the same rotating platform, wish there were more of those.
  5. 63,000 views on YouTube in 20 hours is good, right?
  6. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I actually hate those. They look like they're having a collective seizure and they aren't even rotating.
  7. The only one who is "pretty forgettable" on the video is Vanessa, actually. Don't get me wrong, I love her - and she is really, really beautiful. But at the same time, she looks extremely bored during her scenes. There is no "fire". It is all a little flat for me.
  8. Vanessa was essentially given the 3rd best setup (After Mollie & Frankie) and she did nothing with it. She could've gone a little more dramatic and really worked it but she bobbed her head and turned left and right. This frustrated me so much because normally Vanessa SERVES.
  9. It sort of reminded me of Up a tad and I liked the seizure movements! It's the most Vanessa did!
  10. That smile is everything though, you know you love it. I can't help chuckling every time it comes up in the video.

    The lack of focus on Vanessa seems to be a common theme throughout their videos, to be honest. Whether it's flashes of light covering her face, shots of the girls randomly coming up in her solo verse... I swear the director of each video just thinks "Okay, so she's the one with the big voice but the least popular, right? Let's just give the public more of the other girls, it's what they want"

    (Just to clarify, I don't think this about her at all. I just think a few seconds more screen-time for Vanessa in each video would have been nice, considering how large a share of vocals she usually has!)
  11. I noticed this in 'Disco Love' where she was invisible during the 80's section except for one ad-lib ("so fine") and one shot of her roller skating. She was barely in '30 Days' as well, although maybe that was for the best because she was styled horrificly.
  12. This video is boring. Yes, they look really good, it's the direction we all want from them to go styling wise and they actually look like a sexy and sleek girl band now but watching it is such a tedious task to do. Most of the video from the second half is just reused clips from the first, and the 'dancing' with the lights in the chorus is a lower than their usual standard. The flare and flashing lights that seem to intrude in all the solo shots are annoying. And what's with that blue filter that's so prominent?? I'd rather we get some colour in the solo shots. Orange for una, pink for Rochelle, yellow for mollie, purple for Vanessa and turquoise for Frankie.

    I guess I'm just disappointed in what they could have done. I was expecting an All Fired Up 2.0 video (that was fantastic) but this just is a little bit underwhelming.
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  13. Strangely enough, I think this video is a better example of editing than All Fired Up. The cut shots for All fired Up Were jerky and all over the place.
  14. Must get down B&Q, I hear there is a special offer on fluorescent tubing!
  15. duckface

    duckface Guest

    In this video I think there was just a shortage of exciting shots from her set-up. She doesn't get a lot of attention during her verse, but on the chorus immediately after there are about 7 close-ups of her doing the routine. And she looks so adorable with that awkward-smile-oh-god-I-hope-I-don't-fuck-up-the-light-routine-thing-oof-I-hate-this-song expression.
  16. I absolutely love Vanessa recently, I'm not going to lie for the majority of their career so far she was my least favourite but recently she's gone right up to being second for me. In regards to having a backseat and stuff in videos, I genuinely think she quite likes that. I vaguely remember an interview before where she said she was happy taking a backseat or something? I may be wrong though but I swear she said something like that. Vanessa and Frankie look the best in the group section in my opinion.

    Also this video is much better than All Fired Up for me personally. I suppose this is an All Fired Up part two, I actually feel like All Fired Up video is a bit dull in places compared to this.
  17. When you start nit-picking about a video everyone loved this morning, that is frankly decent and a job well done, it's time to go have some chocolate.
  18. This is a good example of how to do a great video on a low budget. Simple but highly effective. The shot of Una standing still on the podium at the start is worth the concept alone.

    It's not as good as the All Fired Up video though; that had a bit more personality and quirk to it. And everyone knows that the dance straight after the middle eight is the best thing ever to be in a music video.
  19. 73K views on YouTube.

    How much did What About Us do in it's first 24 hours? Was it 100K or 1 million?
  20. I'm picturing their first day sales like that, haha...

    Speaking of the video, I love how the girls arrange their lights (starts at 2:22). Why are Mollie and Vanessa the only ones to look at the camera?
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