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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Exactly. Issues only has about 5 million views which is surprisingly low.
  2. I did some video editing with All Fired Up and Not Giving Up. Unfortunately my video editing software chopped few seconds from the beginning, it had the car scene. Hope you like it!


    Vimeo still says The HD version of this video is being encoded right now and will be ready soon. Until then please enjoy the SD version. so the quality will get better.
  3. SBK


    Popmusic isn't an exact science.

    Just because one group does one thing and gets a certain outcome doesn't mean another group doing the same thing will result in the same outcome.

    Who cares if its got more/less video views than one of their previous releases at this point you're not going to be able to conclude much from it.


    I do love this choice of single. The subtle changes in the single mix have given the song a new lease of life, especially the cleaner chorus with the blippy noises.
    I hope it does well, I can see there being an issue with it being too poppy for some outside the fan base and on radio.
  4. How many copies must a single sell these days in a first week to have good sales?
  5. Interesting. I think it's less poppy than Disco Love. More electro dance-pop, which is more 'in'.
  6. Do go top 5 you need to sell roughly 30 - 45k+ and top twenty 20 - 30k. But it varies week on week. Longevity is more important these days AKA spending more than 1 week in the top 10!

    -Apologies for the double post there
  7. And here are daily views of What About Us, Gentleman and Disco Love, respectively:


    Gentleman had better start than Disco Love, but that's it...
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  8. Thanks for this. No rough figure for the first 24 hours for DL and Gentleman? Just purely out of interest.
  9. Mandy-Fan I'm awaiting my Not Giving Up avatar! I feel left out now haha.
  10. Thank you, Joe Passmore. I hope this will be another #1 smash for them, with many weeks in the Top 10 afterwards, of course.
  11. Hmmm about the video. Mollie laying on her square box is the best bit.
  12. I found them on YouTube and that's all it could offer (aside from general views, posted on the previous page); I put it together so that it would be easier to compare the results.
  13. I love it.

    I didn't like the car scene, glad you replaced that.
  14. Una was originally meant to be laying down on the square box and Mollie was sposed to be on the turntable but because Una was late to the shoot, they swapped over. Kinda cool it turned out that way as they both rock those parts of the video.
  15. 83,000 views in 23 hours, EP still in the top 75 on iTunes, doing well in Ireland, showed promise in the Netherlands, amazing music video, amazing song, no pregnant members, album only and Rochelle is visiting Radio 1's looking good so far!
  16. How do you know this? The laying down works so much better for Mollie's solo anyway so I'm happy.

    Edit: oh I've just seen sorry!
  17. duckface

    duckface Guest

    BREAKING: Vanessa White seven months pregnant, reduced to "part-time member" status. All promotional appearances canceled.
  18. I had "Not Giving Up" blasting full blast as I drove Derby today. It really is incredible.

    And like someone said, I'm still bitter "What About Us" didn't get a shot at the Best British Single nomination.
  19. Vanessa will never get pregnant because that would mean a 9 month absence of alcohol.
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