The Saturdays

A break could do them some good. Maybe return at the end of the year with another TV show/documentary and a rent-a-rapper single with some buzz for their 'return' and it could be another career revival for them.
Even as a fan my interest in them has declined, 2 years ago I would have hated the thought of them never releasing another single/album, but now I'm not really phased if they carry on or not.
I'm absolutely sure they've split up and want to pursue other ambitions. But in this instance I think they're right not to announce a split. It wouldn't do them any good in the long run. They should continue to use the brand name for solo ventures and reality TV shows.

On an unrelated point: Am I right in saying that Atomic Kitten never officially split up?
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I would LOVE another documentary. Maybe something to do with the end and release a final album along with it.

Close the book like it's supposed to be closed even though my heart aches as I write this.
Y'all are so dramatic I can't take it! I can't see them officially splitting and it hasn't been that long since they last released something 2 of them are pregnant at the moment so maybe end of they year they will release something.
I don't really get the term 'split up'. They all look like they're actually friends with one another so I don't think they'll ever split up as they seem to socialise outside of work. They might not release music for a while but I'll bet any money we'll get photos of all 5 together at events for things.
Well, you can't do much better than a singles, b-sides and videos collection.

Well, if you want to end it like that (which would be fine), you can't say over and over that you're not splitting and that there will definitely be a new album.

If you're going to end it, really end it, make it clear so the fans can truly sink it all in.
True that this is hardly the best way to give closure :

Frankie's "this is not the end."
Rochelle's "when we do split up our greatest hits album would be four discs long!"
Vanessa's "we hope to release another greatest hits album in three years time."
Una's "It’s definitely not marking the end of the band. [...] We’re definitely not splitting up, we’ll always be around as long as the fans want us." + “We’re not splitting up! It’s more about celebrating a milestone. We’re already planning our next album. It’s not the end, it’s the beginning of the next chapter!”
Mollie's "Everyone assumes that the Greatest Hits means it’s the end, we’re going to keep going and put another new album out at the end of the year. There is no rest!"

But I think they genuinely believed they were going to release a new album at that time. They were saying this kind of stuff a lot more previous to the Greatest Hits flopping disaster than after, so who knows. If the rumors are true (ha! #Rochelle), they don't have a label at the moment which obviously puts them in a delicate position.

It's just a really bad time, anyway. It's hard to say anything at the moment because, just like Betty said, there are two pregnant members in the band as for now, so it makes sense for them to be on some sort of break...
The fourth member of The Saturdays Juniors has arrived. Tadhg John Foden.

Please commence asking how to pronounce 'Tadhg'.
We just need Frankie to have a girl and we've got ourselves the new Steps.

Grats Una. I don't like Ben, I had Twitter beef with him so he doesn't get my good wishes.