The Saturdays

If Vanessa's going solo I hope she releases something this year I don't want her to do a Sarah Harding!

The fact we never got a solo Sarah album can only be seen as a god send.

Seriously her voice is like nails down a chalkboard. Only acceptable in small quantities.
oh my god that clearly means something right? or am i just being a drama queen?
I'm not saying I hate the idea though, I feel like she was underrated in the group so..
I was more thinking of a clear and definite break than an actual split. God knows these girls are gonna try to endorse every single little thing they can until the very end, so I doubt they will cut themselves from these opportunities they get as a group. However, it's clear that they are all going to try solo ventures from now on.

I wonder who will be first between Una, Vanessa and Mollie to get something out. The first two are probably going to get a record deal far more quickly if it's not already done.
I definitely hope they can manage to get music out as solo artists each of them, even if just once. Whether that is releasing an official single under a big label or just uploading some cheap demo on SoundCloud as independant artists.

Their 'potential' future as far as music goes is so unclear. Most of them have ventured out of the music industry so many times and have actually found some decent success or praise outside of it that it just feels like most of them could stop releasing music because their opportunities aren't exactly limited. Except, maybe Vanessa. But there's always modeling.
I'll just sit and wait for more of this


She still slays me in that song, she basically makes it.
By the way I had forgotten how awful the pre chorus is, but I quite like the chorus.
They're probably the last girl group I'd properly get behind. All these uncertainty is starting to get depressing for me. I can't handle another one after this.

It was bad enough with Girls Aloud and now they're doing it.
I was looking through iTunes recently and spotted a remix of Higher that I hadn't heard before. It's Fascination Club Remix and it's probably one of my favourite mixes ever. Is that possibly what The Alias were called before settling on that name? I can't imagine it was Peter or Adam remixing it...
They had the Fascination radio edit of Higher on the playlist in a shop I used to work in, which was pleasantly random. It probably is another The Alias alias, the only other Fascination remixes I'm aware of are Selena's Round & Round, and Alphabeat's DJ.

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Frankie and Una showing that they're besties on Facebook (even though they seem the most distant friendship-wise).

I think both of them being mums now has brought them closer. Never forget... the Frankie snub of Una's drunk dancing.