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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. This is harsh. The early Saturdays flip videos showed plenty of personality but she became more self-conscious and reserved over time. She gives people what they expect from her and nothing more. Reality TV is an opportunity to give more than just that, though.

    As for her always talking about mental health, it's quite easy to forget that she contributed to reducing the stigma around it. It's been almost 10 years since she first publicly disclosed that she suffers from depression but the societal shift in talking about mental health has only happened in the last couple of years. I'd bang on about it too if I dared to speak up at a time when few people were.

    I actually think Frankie has more layers than Mollie. With Mollie, I think what you see is what you get. I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing Frankie in new lights, which is kind of what reality TV is supposed to do.
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  2. This is a pretty.. rigid take and slightly thoughtless. I think she’s full of personality, and their documentaries like 24/7 and What Goes On Tour are great highlights. I don’t know how you can correlate talking about mental health as not having a personality- I feel like it’s so admirable to try to normalize that struggle so many people face. It still has such a stigma around it and weaponizing her capacity to be open as detracting from her personality seems unfair.
  3. I think Frankie always comes across really well on Loose Women (unemployment has really sunk me to new depths), and she isn’t scared to voice her opinion either. I’m excited to see her on the show.
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  4. SBK


    Yeah, I really like her on Loose Women.
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  5. Yikes. You really thought you did something with that comment. It’s highly dismissive of mental health issues. Advocacy for awareness and treatable options needs to be discussed. It helps SO many people who struggle in silence. Your comment is disgusting.
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  6. I mean she's probably been on talking about her books. So of course she will be talking about her mental health. And her new book is about mental health and motherhood so they will bring up the children as well.

    I think Frankie's always come across really well on their documentaries. And apparently based on the cast list is going in as favourite for the crown. Which I'm actually surprised about but we shall see as the show plays out.

    I think she will be a screamer based on what she said when Vanessa was in so she could do a lot of the trials at the start which will get her some nice screen time.

    However I hope if she's voted by the public for lots of trials that doesn't impact on her mental health as we've seen so many people suffer after getting multiple trial votes.
  7. Maybe if more people who had a platform talked about mental health, there wouldn't be this rank stigma about having to keep your struggles to yourself because it equates to having no personality and people don't want to hear it.
  8. What is even this comment?
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  9. I think Frankie will be great on I'm A Celeb.

    I will be manifesting a Saturdays reunion next year though please!
    I can't believe it's been 10 years since On Your Radar and the All Fired Up Tour. It feels like it's gone by in a flash.
  10. If Frankie didn't have a "personality" then she wouldn't have been able to front "Celeb Trolls: We're coming to get you".

    On a random and very delayed note (the "Work" bum note on Saturday Night Takeaway...) , has Mollie ever spoken and given her opinion about #FreeBritney?

    I'm sure she still cares deeply about Britney; she could have been the British advocate for #FreeBritney, used her Radio 1 platform and eventually met her idol.
  11. Can I order a McSaturday?

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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Some users really do deserve all the draggings they get. Grow up.
  13. I haven't listened to The Sats in donkeys and during my current British Girlband bonanza of Girls Aloud & Little Mix, I started straying into their discography

    What a moment this was for them. So sleek! On Your Radar was truly their imperial phase and both All Fired Up & Notorious deserve the success of What About Us tbqh.

    Plus you can't tell me that this is what inspired Brian with Something New for Girls Aloud. I get such similar vibes from both.
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  14. On Your Radar should've been massive and had as many singles as Living for the Weekend did.
  15. Imagine:

    All Fired Up
    Get Ready Get Set
    Faster or White Lies
    My Heart Takes Over

    Ugh. What a possible era that could have been!
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  16. That (and the other post about which albumtrack has over 1m streams) made me look at their streaming numbers on Spotify.

    First of, I'm aware that some of their singles have always been less popular than others, often criticized as well, but the streams for 'Forever Is Over' and 'If This Is Love' are criminally low.
    • 'If This Is Love' barely clears the 2,5M bar (two versions) and 'Forever Is Over' doesn't clear the 4M one.
    • 'Gentleman' is also very low, but I think that's expected dddd.
    • 'My Heart Takes Over' and 'What Are You Waiting For?' are also both very low, but considering they were also quite big flops upfront, right out of the gate (whereas ITIL was their first ever single, before they had established any sort of fanbase, and still went top 10, and 'FIO' is one of their many 'almost-#1-but-not-quite' singles), I'm not nearly as shocked about either of them.

    Similarly, we often put 'Higher', 'Ego', 'Up' together as the "second singles that were better than the first and should have led the album" trifecta.
    • 'Ego' and 'Higher' share a relatively comparable level of success in terms of streams (that's not totally true as Higher has the double streams Ego has, but you get what I mean, they're both +20M - which by their standards is good).
    • But 'Up' is severely lower than both, with more or less 8M streams (the two versions together).
    Again, that's not too too bad, as they have several other singles with less streams than that, but I still think it's curious as it's often regarded as one of their best, and it was definitely one of their best-selling singles (if not the best?) before 'What About Us' and 'streaming in general' came into the game. And I don't think it "aged terribly" or anything of the sort, if anything, the opposite!
  17. I can't believe Issues is the highest streamed debut single.
  18. Kee me kee me kee me on yuh REEEEEDUH kee me kee me kee me on yuh ree ree reeduh


    I've had it on repeat for the past 4 hours. The way I would go absolutely fucking nuts if it came on in a club.
  19. This came on in a club at Pride a few months ago and I was with a group of old Team Sats from Twitter. It was truly euphoric.
  20. And whilst we’re here, All Fired Up >>>>> Not Giving Up, bee tee dubs. Not Giving Up is a bop and is a highlight on a subpar album, but All Fired Up just goes so much harder and is the stand out of a much better album so it wins x

    God I’m actually jealous. Someone loop the Kristen Wiig as Kris Jenner dancing gif for 3 minutes and that would be me, no lie.
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