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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. My Heart Takes Over is actually one of their most streamed singles on Spotify. The single version (mistakenly included on On Your Radar) only has a million streams but the album version on Finest Selection has over 9 million. Combined it has more plays than the likes of Missing You, Notorious and Up.
  2. Oh, nice catch. That's interesting, though.

    I'm not surprised 'Issues' is so popular because despite how it was often criticized by fans for being a snooze or the inferior ballad of 'Chasing Lights' or whatever, it was still a pretty big airplay hit, and basically the one single that actually sold its parent album (post-release) like pretty much none of their other singles ever did, except maybe 'Higher'.

    But for 'My Heart Takes Over'? Considering it failed to replicate what 'Issues' did, it's interesting that it ended up being one of the most popular song on streaming. I actually think the song is amazing, so I'm not mad, but it does make you wonder if things would have turned differently (for the song AND 'On Your Radar') had the release period been different (either earlier or later). Clearly the GP is kind of feeling it. The issue seems to have been exposure.
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  3. My Heart Takes Over is one of their best songs, as well as one of the best girlband songs of all time, so it being one of their most streamed is deserved.
  4. “My Heart Takes Over” is a beautiful song but I still don’t think it was what they should’ve released as a single at that time.
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  5. My Heart Takes Over is stunning. I loved the arrangement on the All Fired Up Tour. Being performed with a live band elevated it further.
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  6. They really missed out on not releasing their only arena tour on DVD. Choices...
  7. Rochelle's "Cause if you go, baby then go, You change your mind I won't be here no more" in My Heart Takes Over has been really hitting me hard over the past few days. I just love how she sings it.
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  8. Agreed, You can just feel every word she sang.
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  9. We will never know, but I feel like My Heart Takes Over would really hit more if Una had the first verse over Vanessa. I know Vanessa is the 'core' of the band vocally like Nadine was, but I just feel like Una emotes better (and Rochelle is already amazing on this track as is).

    Mollie and Frankie....great coats, beautiful coats in the video
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  10. I wonder if 'My Heart Takes Over' has gained popularity since Frankie has spoken openly about her struggles around the time of the single release? I always loved it and Vanessa's vocals on it are incredible. I'm pretty sure I remember Una mentioning in a vlog or something that she didn't really like the song!
  11. Guys, it's probably on some popular playlist.
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  12. SBK


    Spotyfrys top20 smash hits
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  13. 2014

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    Fave Saturday confirmed.
  14. My Heart Takes Over was supposed to be there huge winter number one ballad moment. I guess losing the X Factor slot and what was going on with Frankie and Vannesa at the time stopped it from being so. I always thought it was such a beautiful song.
  15. It;s one of my favourite Saturdays songs and the video is breathtaking. (I know it wasn;t shot under the best of circumstances). It could have been a huge moment for them with the X-Factor slot and what not. I miss them and hope to see them reunite soon, even if just for a night out together. haha
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  16. Why did they lose the X-Factor slot?
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  17. The Saturdays are the epitome of a mood booster and I feel like that’s what they did so well with their music. I remember when their website launched and there was a quote by Mollie on the homepage saying something along the lines of “We’re a pop band and we’re not trying to be anything else but.” Applause! Absolutely spot on. They were never afraid to embrace the sound and in doing so they built and immaculate discography.
  18. Yeah, what I also love is that they all understood the assignment. The singer-songwriter Una could’ve easily hated it but she never slagged their overall output as being shit or looked miserable during her time in the band. Even Frankie, when she could, seemed to be enjoying herself and giving to the audience.
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  19. I think the narrative was that Rihanna bought her single forward so The Saturdays, who were initially booked in to perform and had a whole segment of them supporting Little Mix for their VT, got axed.. instead, performing on the Xtra Factor.
  20. It was shocking the way they were treated by Cowell. That performance would've cemented their best era into the success it deserved. They'd worked so hard at that point and it had all built up to that moment for them with a fantastic album to support their journey.

    However they needed that extra push to get the numbers they deserved.

    Oh well at least they had their big moment with What About Us after that time and without Simons help.
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