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The Saturdays

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. They didn't even get to perform on the Xtra Factor nn
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  2. I will never understand why Ladykiller and So Stupid were left off On Your Radar. Bops galore. Much better then the Travis feature to be quite honest!

    A Girls Aloud She/Memory Of You/It’s Your Dynabop left off Out Of Control tea.
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  3. “So Stupid” is great but definitely works better as a b-side! That intro is always the loudest thing though.

    “Move On U” being referred to as a bonus track when it was one of the best tracks on the album and on every edition of the album was an odd move.
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  4. I love ‘The Way You Watch Me’ so much.

    First time they featured harmonies so predominantly.
  5. Took a while for me to enjoy it because I found the Travie rap annoying but then they fixed it by giving us a version that’s just them. The Solo Mix is the definitive version for me!
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  6. I still regard On Your Radar as one of the best albums of that big EDM pop girl early 2010s era. The b-sides were massive too.

    My no-skip On Your Radar tracklist...
    Standard released shortly after All Fired Up
    All Fired Up
    Not That Kinda Girl
    Get Ready Get Set
    I Say OK
    So Stupid
    Promise Me
    White Lies
    Move On U
    The Way You Watch Me (Sats-only Vers.)

    The Chase Edition repack for Q1 2012
    30 Days
    Turn Myself In
    My Heart Takes Over (Rokstone Vers.)
    On Your Radar Megamix

    For Myself
    Last Call
    Wish I Didn't Know
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  7. On Your Radar was so, so good.

    So good.
  8. On Your Radar should've been an EP.
  9. Yeah, 'On Your Radar' is an amazing album. Still their best.
  10. On Your Radar is indeed excellent. I want a sliver vinyl with a high gloss sleeve and the three B Sides as bonus tracks as they were all amazing and better than some of the album.
  11. A real shame cause I feel like My Heart Takes Over was the perfect song for them to do on X-Factor.
  12. I actually want this now!!!
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  13. Island

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    Frankie is going into the jungle:
  14. I've been listening to On Your Radar nonstop after what is seemed to be years without listening to them at all. Came here to comment on that and I'm glad the album is getting the praise. It was, indeed, their imperial phase.

    On that note, I'm not a huge fan of My Heart Takes Over, but the Rokstone Mix goes off. I have a playlist with my version of On Your Radar and I absolutely pretend the Rokstone Mix is the album one (I also include Alexis Jordan's Good Girl because if fits just right if you put it besides Faster on the tracklist)
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  15. Also, just like Chasing Lights was Vanessa's, Wordshaker was Rochelle's and Headlines was Una's, On Your Radar was absolutely Mollie at her peak.
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    At least Frankie had S Club Juniors/8!
  17. We can pretend that Living For The Weekend was hers
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  18. Not the album she’s barely on! Dddddd

    I always felt On Your Radar was Una’s album though.
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  19. I mean she's barely on any is she?
  20. I actually think Rochelle was at her best during the Living for the Weekend era! From What About Us to What Are You Waiting For she truly came into her own and dominated.
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