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The Saturdays

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. The power of the acoustic version too
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  2. Chasing Lights is such a stunning track, I'm so happy they included it in their Greatest Hits tour cause it would've been a shame to exclude it. I'm glad the girls universally love it too, it was always so fun to see it pop up every now and then in their sets.
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  3. Ooooo I need to see this! Is there a good quality of it anywhere?

  4. It's probably my favorite live performance they've done of it. From the moment Frankie and Rochelle start the "go on's" till the last "bye bye" they all sound on point and the harmonies are absolutely glorious.
    You'll have to go to the video page itself oof.
  5. It was also the only song that featured live instruments on that tour.

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  6. Chasing Lights is a really lovely track. I love the contract of the sunny breezy instrumental and the somber lyrics.
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  7. I also love Chasing Lights an all-group version would be lovely.
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  8. An all group version would have been great for their 10th anniversary.
  9. It’s coming up their 14th anniversary
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  10. Yes I know. I was highlighting the missed opportunity to celebrate a milestone.
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  11. SBK


    Standard Saturdays.
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  12. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
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  13. Nice little podcast with Rochelle. She keeps saying the same usual stuff about a Saturdays reunion, but it's still a nice insight into her life.
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  15. "Meet all of the couple's" interesting that from that it sounds like it won't just be one beauty and multiple geeks.

    I hope this doesn't encourage them to bring back Joe Millionaire or Playing it Straight.
  16. Thats so sad how she now feels as she is a fantastic popstar. I think she'll change her mind at some point though, all five get on which will always work in their favour.
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  17. It’s interesting that she says her eldest daughter would love to see her onstage but she’s still not interested. Savage mummy.
  18. I feel like she is really trying to follow the Victoria Beckham solo career trajectory. Props to her, she seems to be doing pretty well these days so I can't imagine that a reunion is very lucrative for her. Would be nice to see them reunite for some sort of anniversary one off show, I'm sure she could fit that in. Lovely to hear that they are still on good terms.
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  19. Both Rochelle and Frankie (and I'd say Vanessa) have repeatedly said they are not interested in being on stage as The Saturdays. This comes as no surprise and I'd rather that honest answer than 'I don't know, when the moment is right...'
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