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The Saturdays

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. I think it was the second. Not Giving Up also felt into the new rules.
  2. Was there a time they ever nailed any sort of choreography aside from switching positions and putting their hands on their hips? Outside of the So You Think You Can Dance performance of Notorious I can't think of a time they put any sort of effort into anything. And considering they mimed wherever possible it was incredibly lazy of them.

    I honestly was obsessed with them but looking back now they were the definition of giving us nothing.
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  3. Why is their 2013 Jay Leno performance not on YouTube anymore? I was hoping they brought their A game that day!
  4. Aside from So You Think You Can Dance, I think this is my next favourite performance by them.

  5. …her?
  6. Sometimes I felt like they would have benefited from using mic stands, especially with some songs where they are just finger and arm waving. They look so awkward standing, they may as well look awesome posing with the mic stand...
  7. Not sure if there's a better quality video out there, but this performance of What About Us is one of my faves! They had so much energy and focus!
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  8. Una's "Let me take the lead", a moment most pleasing to me in their career. Their ASOS era was cute!
  9. They came eventually for the UK promo tour!

  10. It hasn’t been on YouTube for a few years. It’s on Vimeo

    So many chaotic moments.
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  11. [​IMG]
    They were and sounded nervous here! And I missed the "na na na"s of the chorus, that could've made a difference.
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  12. I still don’t understand why they were so hellbent on cracking the US when they still hadn’t cracked the UK.
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  13. Probably the idea that if you crack the US you’ve made it!!!11
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  14. That was actually a perfect summary of The Saturdays as a band. A killer track, Frankie and Mollie looking like bona fide popstars, Vanessa and Rochelle carrying the heavy lifting, the routine being a total mess and Una trying her hardest to hit choreography, which will forever remain iconic.
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  15. That and the fact that average US success brings in bigger bucks than OK UK success.
  16. SBK


    Weird isn't it, I guess they were offered something out there and decided they might as well try whilst they were out there?
  17. [​IMG]

    This is so shady! They had cracked the UK, they had plenty of success here, just no number 1 singles.

  18. Ooh wee at this gif here I ain't seen this in years. Was it revealed what was wrong or going on with Vanessa's vocals during this period. Re-watching some of the clips of their show it seemed like she had developed vocal dysphonia but it was never officially stated wasn't it?
  19. This is an iconic video in my personal Internet history because when I was trying to add What About Us as my jam on This Is My Jam (RIP), it was the only copy of it I could use as the official video was geo-blocked in the US (obviously great for promo). And then when I did the year-end thing where the site's AI combined all your jams of the year into a medley, the portion it took from the video was the applause and Kathie Lee or Hoda saying "The Saturdays!!!" so that was inserted in between my actual bops of the year.

    On that note, I actually find it fascinating how incredibly bad Universal and especially NBC were at promoting them here. Geo-blocking aside, they had them on KLG & Hoda instead of the parts of the Today show that people actually watch (and that would have aligned much better with The Saturdays' audience); they had them on the cursed Jay Leno Show but not the actual Tonight Show. I'd call it half-assed, but they didn't even put in that much effort. It kinda seems like someone was trying to sabotage them, because I can't fathom why else they would do so badly at promoting their own show when that's kind of the main purpose of network talk shows.
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  20. Since we are all reminiscing about our days as Saturdays stans... I was in high school and I remember downloading this 144p performance to my computer and playing it OBSESSIVELY before the single actually came out a few months later.

    I somehow managed to learn the lyrics through the 144p quality even though my English wasn't that great at the time... well, except for Frankie and Mollie's bits, as it seemed that their mics were turned all the way down in that performance, so I would just sing their parts as [unintelligible British whisperpop mumbling].
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