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The Saturdays

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. That’s literally every megamix in the history of megamixes though.
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  2. The megamix is a classic!

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  3. The megamix is a classic. They really said “gay rights!” and fed everyone.
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  4. Imagine thinking the megamix is anything short of perfection? Whew
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  5. I went to the fair in town to do my favourite activity: spotting horribly airbrushed pop stars on the sides of attractions, and lost my mind when I realised why I recognised these generic dancing girls:

    Relevant legends.
  6. How interesting that Rochelle wasn’t picked.
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  7. They look fucking possessed (presumably to avoid any rights issues?) but I’m stanning.
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  8. SBK


    It should be the blueprint for every greatest hits megamix
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  9. She was off standing to the side and doing her vocal solo...
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  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    They could at least have made an effort to include all 5. upload_2022-4-18_18-34-22.png
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  11. Rochelle had been bitten by a horse fly and couldn't make the photoshoot. She booked a three week holiday to Greece instead for some quiet relaxation and healing time
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  12. I'm trying to figure out which photoshoot they've based it off of. Anyone have any ideas? I'm sure it's something obvious.

    Edit: never mind - I've found it. It's one of their generic promo photos around the Wordshaker era I think.
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  13. Excellent job; using this image would have made it higher I think... upload_2022-4-18_11-25-26.png
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  14. Is that Rochelle’s shoulder all the way to the left of Mollie and Frankie..?
    This has me spent and sent! The most random, odd, iconic situation we have on our hands. So many questions.
  15. This photo just pinged up a memory - I remember getting a birthday cake off my Dad when I was around 15 with this as a massive picture on the top. What a decision that was.
  16. I'm having a moment today...

  17. Does this make Rochelle... the clown? Scream!
  18. When Love Takes Over is now their third most popular track on Spotify, surpassing Ego. I -
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  19. I’m watching the All Fired Up Tour on YouTube at the moment.

    That live auto tune was a hoot wasn't it!?

    God I miss them.
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  20. Honestly.
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