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The Saturdays

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. It’s funny because so many live acts use auto tune now especially in arena settings, trailblazers.
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  2. It has always been used but more subtle than that.
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  3. Was hilarious hearing it in person. Me and my friend just glanced at each other as of to say what the hell was that ahha.
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  4. Anyone know why Frankie has changed her name to Frankie Stanford on Insta? Since that is neither her married nor maiden name
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  5. They're just so iconic.
  6. Oh, this is so odd. It's still there. I wonder if someone in her management changed it, and made an innocent typo. But also, why was it changed from "Bridge" at this point?

    At the end of last week, she did tease something exciting was coming. I never figured out what. But I doubt an incorrect name change was it.

    EDIT: It's a collection at Next.

  7. Having a moment to this performance.

    Please come back girls.
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  8. A Saturday as soon as she finished her solo:

  9. The way I just snorted on the tube
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  10. Isn't this THE performance of the Higher?

    I kept fully expecting the T4 performance to divulge into the Stevenage one...Just like for Destiny's Child Soldier, it feels incomplete without "Where you at 106?! (Michelle falls to the ground)".
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  11. What a moment
  12. I saw this LIVE. A claim to fame moment for the books.
  13. Another classic performance. What even is that set?

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  14. Can I share an actual classic performance?
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  15. Every other girl band wishes they had a dance routine as iconic as Missing You.

    I said what I said.
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  16. I remember seeing the rehearsals on their weekly flip for this and thinking “this’ll be a moment”…

    and then Vanessa’s cloak didn’t float and it was typical Saturdays.
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  17. Floats a bit at first and at least she’s in the middle for the symmetry haha

    I just remember the rehearsals and Mollie saying “I’m in the bride that never got to the aisle “
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  18. I’ve never seen this performance - what an amazing popstar moment with the capes. I bet Mollie was over the moon.
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  19. I remember that they did the same thing for the first couple nights of the Headlines! Tour with the coloured capes, but it got scrapped very early on in the tour. The idea is sound enough, but I think it probably was a bit of a hit and miss with it working the way they wanted the effect to be?

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  20. Not Vanessa laughing at it instantly after
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