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The Saturdays

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. You're WRONG for this fff.
  2. So happy to see the dancers from the All Fired Up video are continuing to thrive in their careers

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  3. Pure joy. I miss 2010.
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  4. Me talking about The Saturdays

  5. Looks like Frankie has noticed her new Instagram name (sounds like potentially the name she goes by on Facebook) and can't figure out how to change it back. For anyone else following this saga.
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  6. Why does this sound like a typical Saturday series of unfortunate events. Luck (often due to their own competencies) was never really on their side.
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  7. Selling my Sats merch, PM me. Open to offers.

    The Saturdays More Magazine Covers Vanessa (signed), Rochelle, Frankie.
    Headlines Tour Programme, All Fired Up Tour Programme, Official 2012 Annual, Our Story.
    CD Collection.
    Signed promo cards, McDonalds Toy (still works) and Chasing Lights coaster.
    Back of Wordshaker promo card for anyone who is interested.
    Vanessa On Your Radar CD

    Edit: Images weren't loading before, they're on show now.
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  8. Their Spotify monthly listeners have grown again to pass 2 million, with a remix of What About Us and the album version of Not Giving Up rising into the top 10.

    Their streaming power is such a mystery, but most welcome!
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  9. I'm 80% convinced Mollie has a laptop solely dedicated to streaming The Saturdays on Spotify constantly running at this point.
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  10. I remember when Rochelle used to phone into Marvin’s show on Capital to request Not Giving Up.
  11. I wish the Spotify cover for their “This is” playlist would get a proper image like most other artists.

    It’s wicked cool~ that their discography still resonates with people. Truly an elite catalogue of gems. Iconic.
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  12. Vanessa and Rochelle being cracked up at Una's "UH!"

    Accompanied by the Year 5 talent show level of a dance routine. A moment.
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  13. It's June 13th 2022 and I've just found out Una is responsible for the famous "someone throwing a potato into a bin from across the room" sound.
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  14. Same I was sure the “Uh” was Vanessa
  15. My fav is having Saturbaby #8
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  16. Oh yay!
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  17. This has made me feel so happy! Mollie is a beautiful soul who deserves happiness.
  18. The gay gasp and applause I just did. Thrilled for her.
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  19. Absolutely thrilled for her! Also beaming at the comments from all four other girls - we love a supportive group of legends!
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  20. Super, super happy for her.
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