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The Saturdays

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Oh, she's going to be the sweetest mum! So happy for her!
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  2. So happy for them! She is gonna be an amazing mum.
  3. Brilliant news for Mollie and Stuart!
  4. Wonder when Mollie’s getting married… probably our only hope for a reunion.
  5. Until then - this has made me so so happy

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  6. Delighted for my favourite Saturday and Ghetto Princess! Found out the news from BBC news; she's the only Saturday to make Headlines...

    Bets on Britney being the baby's name if it's a girl?
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  7. Haha I think she’s traditional enough to name it after a relation
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  8. Sorry for the double post but out for lunch in a lovely cafe with friends and What About Us is playing

    today is a good day!
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  11. How about Jean Britney?

    I'm sure Mollie has a relative called Jean.
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  12. It’s the summer leopard print dress season!

  13. so she’s due in mid November
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  15. Wow she looks and sounds great! She looks so different from her Saturdays days
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  16. Her time away from The Saturdays seems to have done wonders for the vocals too. You could hear it in her solo tracks but she seems to be even better now. Good for her.
  17. I wish she would release more music. Chapter One is perfection!
  18. Rochelle responded to Vanessa’s video with: “One of my favourite voices ever!!!”. It’s always lovely to see any of The Saturdays being supportive of each other!
  19. Release music again Vanessa - we need your voice!!!
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